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Hot and humid today. Eighty seven with partly sunny skies mid eighties today tomorrow late tomorrow into tomorrow night could be some heavy rain from Florence coming. Our way and heavy rain and wind for Friday and Saturday as well with temperatures in the upper seventies. Those would be our biggest impact days from Florence shower chance on Sunday as well. From NBC twelve I'm meteorologist, Andrew Friedman. Newsradio eleven forty W R V A and now ninety six point one FM from the piersonhonda dot com weather center. It's cloudy and seventy one in the near West End, NewsRadio WNBA time seven thirty two. Forecast four Richmond continues to improve with hurricane Florence. Although that's not to say, we won't have issues track has slowed a little bit and has pushed a little bit farther to the south into that means that we don't expect impact in the form of a tropical storm force winds. Although it's possible could happen on Thursday. I think of it happens. It's much more likely that it would be happening. Probably Thursday night into Friday NBC, twelve meteorologist Andrew freidan. Who says we had flash flood warnings last night with just thunderstorms? So any heavy rain is a concern flooding is a major concern of the department of emergency management as well Kerr long freshwater inland. Flooding is one of the deadliest result of these storms. So we got to be careful with the things that could occur. We're also looking at making sure that people remember that there's the coastal storm surge VM's, Shannon. Daniel an accident last night, and I sixty four west in new Kent created a nearly eight mile backup. Of course, I sixty four is one of if not the primary evacuation route out of Hampton roads in a hurricane v dot says it is doing what it can to try and get people out of the lowest lying areas, officially we're stabilizing construction sites ahead of the storm we're lifting temporary lane closures on major routes where we can we want people to be able to move. Moodley on our major routes in our interstates. And we're also augmenting our staffs in our traffic operations centers as well as our safety service patrols that's going to allow us to provide additional traffic monitoring an incidence response capabilities because we do expect traffic to be a little heavier than normal readouts, Lindsey Legrand. Many Banat all areas schools are closed Friday for hurricane Florence and Reiko Hanover. And Richmond all canceling classes Friday. Chesterfield is still waiting to get a better look at the forecast before deciding VCU and v you you are both canceling classes starting Thursday with the tracks seemingly moving south South Carolina is at risk just a week after a report from the office of government accountability blasting FEMA for its lack of preparedness during last year's hurricane Maria. Emergency managers are here in the Carolinas. And they say they are ready even days before the storm federal workers are forging ties with local emergency crews to make sure everyone has what? They need to pick up the pieces after Florence ABC's. Pete combs and a major development in the Catholic churches, clergy abuse scandal cardinal, Dan, Donald world. The embattled archbishop of Washington maybe stepping down the cardinal says that he expects to meet soon with pope Francis. To discuss the possibility of resigning where all has been heavily criticised for his handling.

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