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Start five three five because zaylon bottles do people. Stephen adams was the strongest mandate mba tools. I came over in bledsoe by strongest point guard in the nba. To watch the puck is the second half of the season Actually go feed on this little sip on his phone. Clippers are over rated. I repeat the clippers overrated. I'm lou dead in the camera. Clippers are over rated. I mean come on. They might be a six seven best team in the league. The not better than it's better lakers come over the jazz right now. Over the sixers sixers or play ball right now. I don't know better by the heat to last year mind. He started ball out right now. The last ten they'll be in the playoffs dug get together. Jobe kapiti clippers highly overrated man. I mean they're not even downhill the defense yet Like the best three point shoop team mentally or issued most threes will come on at like i'm also and i'm not even so bigoted western house files. Issue clippers are highly overrated. I mean it's just the same diggers last year year. Paul george ball out until the end of the game. When i can't close how they can't close them out. Yeah so clippers. Adeptly moderated ninety would go along as man more to say read it. It'd be a referee's after the referees they remind me a cops right now is my draft. Just you know like hostages out there right tick is just a just to make money for the for the court systems in the city like minded immortal beach for like two years. They biggest money neighbors was tickets. Bite way tickets. Why we've black white week tickets. Resting people galore court tickets. You know they definitely paying allowed money to the state has obligated referees. Right china debut has a quota. You know like you gotta get so many technical fouls calls every single single month to get your quota. His college doubtless stuff ever. It is his duck gardening. You do this in a technical foul. No.

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