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He didn't mind, Pat, it, you know, you could say FU to as long as you taught him something. So when he failed to get Alonzo Mourning title before two thousand and six he was talking about losing some of those series to the next and any breaks down just thinking. Of how Alonzo Mourning inspired him to inspire others. Like that that the the the cheap word in culture is cult right? And the Pat Reilly cult people will tell you that being harder working and in better shape than everybody is sort of the cost if you're gonna if you're gonna work for the man yet, look I got a chance to talk to Magic Johnson right after he took the job here with the Lakers. And I asked him, you know, who's brain did you pick? He told me he spent a week with Pat Riley talking about those particular things not only just the front office stuff and the potential ins and outs of that. But body fat and strength and being able to have endurance. And all those things that, you know, have become basically the mantra of him. And yeah, he does still have all these zealots for lack of a better term that will just kind of do that. Now. The funny thing is like how he turned those guys because as we kind of touched on briefly earlier, I keep gets to a situation where Magic Johnson called the shot. And allowed him to be the guy, and he was already, you know, having to walk into a situation where he's coaching an MVP like Kareem. Did you talk about how he turns guys into those zealots for lack of a better term. It's just an obsessive compulsive nece. That's unreasonable George at this age. I mean, what does he have left to accomplish? Let's think about this for a second fifty basketball years. The you'll see in the piece on Sunday. You will see that, you know, the angle from the hall of fame speech is being made by morning by Magic Johnson by Michael Jordan that this guy Linnea drums, five decades. Deep in basketball that he's still sitting here coming to the office for what George like for what why when he when he's got this home in Malibu that he's dying to get back to he's looking at home on his phone all the time all the cameras because he's got this home in Malibu, that's keeping some of those exotic cars, and he's always talking about getting back out there. And and just having the last part of his life the out there. But I don't think he's ever leaving the throne. I don't think that he can leave leave basketball and get on with his life. I think he's going to have his fingers in everything. And and that kind of delicate commitment that has caused him as I said a great deal of family time a great deal of life's big moments. If you're gonna make that trade he he's going to demand that the people come with them be disciples. So basically Malibu this notion of Malibu that he discussed with right Thomson is just a notion. It's a dream. But it probably will never really come to fruition. Nobody believes that he's ever going to retire. I'm I'm I'm teasing him relentlessly that he's going to still be sitting in the offense ten years after his death that he's going to be still they're just sort of weaken. Bernie's that's that'd be Pat Riley. Well, I mean he'd have had a great deal of success right with the air in tiding in the shadows. And allowing him to do all the you know, I throw my rings on the table myth building. Yeah. Yeah. For sure Dan Le Batard with us year of gin, check out the interview with Pat Riley the day in the life with Pat Riley. It's two thirty on ESPN on. Sunday. So makes you check that out before the NBA slate starts that afternoon or that evening, Dan..

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