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To i'm trying to be more culturally connected so you're trying new stuff are you going to try like a sporting event next your jacket i'm sorry did franchi to say something scary this happened to me on a sunday when i wanted to have a cultural sunday i i woke up once over sunday they said i wanna be more cultured until i'm going to a museum and i went to the cloisters and i sat there in awe the way you see people standing staring at walls on oh and i tried to make the education enter my mind and it never happened that when you put your dating profile that you like museums people yeah the only culture you have is in your yogurt but it's truly you try you wanna make the effort because you feel like you need to go next hey scary at least we tried you know what i'm saying you haven't walked out of a show i have i walked out of nine with john louis remember when he was in that actually sitting behind his ex wife she was his wife at the time and i think she wanted to walk out to it was that bad it was sometimes we try we tried we tried we tried our i'm going to try i'm gonna try another santa fe opera because it's such a beautiful place and they're so so talented i'm going to try to get all right all right hey so cardi b congratulations to cardi b she gave birth and she named her child culture with a k and i was i started by the way i love it i think culture with the case of great name so the question is why do we only hear that celebrities named their children very unique rarely ever before her name i'm sure lots of people must in exactly i do rhyming thing like i in my head would say what the kid's name would be and what it rhymes with to see how picked on at school they would be like you know what i mean if you say their name rhymes with like you know not so nice word kid chuck so you're right okay all right so so dana is on five good morning dana so cardi b named or kid culture what did you name your son i i.

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