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Hour to discuss these issues, but I'm just gonna leave it to one question, professor Hansen, because you have been outspoken commentator on these issues as well. Friday before last Super Bowl Friday, it was an innocuous ostensibly innocuous sounding memo to the court on a potential conflict of interest. But if you read the latest Durham document investigating the genesis of the Russia collusion hoax, you find on page two, this stunning stunning list of targets that the Hillary campaign's lawyer hand in hand with a cyber executive called Rodney joffe had made for themselves, including president Trump's apartment in New York, Trump, tower, the headquarters of his campaign, and then the EOP, the executive officer of the president, and in the next sentence that the real bombshell that most people have missed based upon, quote, a sensitive arrangement that private company had to run Internet services for the classified system in The White House. For me, that's not a bombshell. Professor Hansen, that is a thermonuclear device that has been triggered. Will this lead to anything having observed his filings to date are you optimistic? When it comes to darms work or is this just another minor official who may be in trouble as was the case with a former FBI lawyer? Well, I think he has billing records that people under accusation are indictment like mister sussman, maybe even Mark Elias were either cognizant of or actually participated in billing people with the word alpha bank. So there was a sense that he has some written evidence and I think your work down the chain. He'll call in various people and say, this is what you did and you want to talk to us or not and see if anybody talks, but what was really scary about that was that not only did these groups of people have access to these communications, but they brought in people from Georgia Tech with the intent to find out if there was any incriminating dirt, the other techies found out and apparently knew that there was a one way communication from alpha bank and they were very skeptical that Trump people even knew what their domain was. It was an outside advertiser that just used it. And the alpha bank was communicating an advertising and our vice versa, but it was not a two way communication. And they knew that, and yet they had so much confidence in the corruption of the FBI that they deliberately went to the intelligence and investigatory agencies and said, look, you should be investigating with the sole purpose, not that there was anything new. And they knew there wasn't. But they can then go to the media and say, you better look at this, the FBI is actually investigating a link with the alpha bank and Russian collusion. So if that is true, and I think the antenna what, mister Durham is saying, then it's pretty scary that it's not just that people have access to the president's private data and communications, but the media, that Hillary campaign had such confidence in the corruption of our own investigatory agencies that they would help spread that what they knew or they must have known was on true, but would spread it before the election and during the transition and presidency..

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