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Bollocks has and welcome back to classical gonna sell the massive clap then and i was like pope nice listeners. In not nice we'll think about our listeners. I hello everyone. I m marsha and i'm katie. And this week we're back full episodes back fool. Full episodes full of energy lost time. What was going on last night. So last time chef she made jim denny as young gem and he was like going to dinner that and she was like well as snow has told high. I must i clean your house and banish prepare. You do modern this mess realize age you drink. I'm on it batch job. I did get a job. I work in well. I don't yet started started. I will be working with chain age. Food ages so if anyone knows anything about teenagers. we'll keep it to yourself noel. She's gonna apparently ironically advising with their lives. It's all gonna be okay. Well no but not because of any of your ashes. But that's not your fault. You're gonna do your best life. Slave galley leave the country. Ron ron leave the burning england. Go to i like. Everyone keeps telling mary ellen ellen to do mary allen allen fad. No one's telling well it's bad. Jam is kind of saying like a priest who offered no help whatsoever not the pastry anyway. I'll take yeah. Sounds like you shouldn't be either. I don't really have an option go home. He's i'm last week. Mary-ellen found out exactly to herbals. Business was sirnak the pillaging and making ships sinking and killing yet stealing the booty. Silver shield pajama. And they fly with five cowboy Fucking horse clean his house and cooking dinner. Any of the by the dow still not good enough molly better than him like surf me now. She just also ate some food. She prepares imagine going around. Something was that you came out. And i was like now called the vegetables. You sitting by lord you previously invited like yeah. It's and also we know each other that's really reno-tahoe my house. I'd be like when i am. I didn't say about me. I often show at people's houses. And and i think smoke control freak. Look to do an okay. We have to make a hexagon cotonou thing. That's true that's true disease anyway. She will say he whilst to lewiston the market town on her with new year's eve. Christmas eve lovely just a little note for all you guys out there. He could on your cozy. Jiang's get your hot chuck three to back or something to season. Apparently lots of some spooky shittu see back we go to week have paused since that night would on told her about this horrible business horrible and since then mary has kept christmasy. She's coming in earning. Whether to meet gem or not worried he might be involved with akers to sewri. But if i have much time posse. He invited her to christmas eve. Couple days to a week like there's different times they don't have like what's up to be like east. We still on for tonight. I feel any spin extra level of confirmation. I don't feel he's still expecting that. Well you like officially say yes in the first place so it was left to fill in the story. He does kind of set up. All you coming with me. And she's like. I'll see how i'm feeling at the time..

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