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The problem is or at least the problem for me as i was preparing for the segment is that that was not his major league debut. That was his season debut but he actually debuted last year unbeknownst to me. Because we we're not doing. The segment. And i was not tracking everyone who made his major league debut but he did pitch in five games last year. So ineligible therefore. I was forced to pivot and we got an email just this morning from kevin patriot supporter. Which was well timed in this case. He said it occurred to me. After your episode on the negro league stats being integrated into baseball reference that you could expand your delightful mita major leaguer segment to occasionally include. Negro leagues player is now part of the official record. Just an idea in that is a good idea. I will do that today. At least and i'm going to go with a major leaguer. Who hopefully you have heard of or met previously. But i think deserves all the attention he can get and that split roken. The great right handed pitcher and hitter for the kansas city. Monarchs at the nineteen twenty s. This week has been a bullet rogan appreciation week. I think because of the baseball reference moved to reclassify those stats status. Major league suddenly has been looking at leaderboards and looking at the new negro leagues stats hub on the site and everyone has suddenly been saying. Whoa bullet in check out this guy. And i just. I saw a bunch of tweets that were like holy crap bullet rogan and again. I think that's one of the benefits of of baseball reference. Doing that is that. He's not an unknown player. I mean he's a hall of famer but he is not quite as famous as you know your josh gibson satchel pages and so if you haven't looked at the stats before boat broken may have escaped your notice or at least the amount of notice that he should get an it seems like he is getting it now and this is well-timed because shohei otani is making his tenth start of the season on thursday or will have done so by the time you were hearing this against a new major by the way tigers prospect matt manning betton exciting match up that is otani ten start of the season. He is one of only two major leaguers who have ever gotten to double digits in starts on the mound and home runs and stolen bases as a position player in the same season and he has done that twice now he did it and twenty thousand two but the only other player ever to do it is split open in nineteen twenty two so between that and between the anniversary the anniversary of a famous game in rogan's career were you head to head on june twelfth nineteen twenty one against cincinnati's home leblanc who was kind of the other best pitcher in the negro leagues at the time and that was just written up by sabres game recap project so all sorts of things are coming up bullet rogan right now and i can't full justice to him in the segment we've devoted full episodes are interviews in the past two oscar charleston and to martine daego and maybe boat rogan should get that treatment at some point to for now. I will direct everyone to the baseball. Reference pages. Admire the stats. He stands out on the baseball reference hub. Because he has. The most war of any player accumulated in the negro leagues. So you know there were players who spend the negro leagues and american national. League's willie mays jackie robinson who had more war. But but rogan had the most were of any player exclusively in the negro leagues and by like ten war over willie wells and he did it because he was fantastic as both a hitter and a pitcher and just try to put this into perspective in his five-year peak. Nineteen twenty one to twenty five. That's his age. Twenty seven through thirty one seasons. The monarchs played four hundred twenty four league games that are included at baseball reference. And that should be pretty close to their total because the data coverage for the nineteen twenties is pretty good so four hundred. Twenty four games over that five year period bullet rogan. His batting and pitching war was worth thirty. Nine point eight wins but replacement now. If i've done the math correctly that means that per one hundred sixty two team games. Bullet rogan was worth fifteen point. Two war over that period or if we want to go with one hundred fifty four game schedules. That alien teams were playing at the time that would be fourteen point five war per one hundred fifty four games the best single season war ever by a major leaguer. According to baseball reference is babe. Ruth's fourteen point two in one thousand nine twenty three so relative to the negro national league replacement level reuss. Contemporary bullet rogan was playing better than peak ruth. Better than anyone has ever played. He just was an incredible two way. Player the stats are eye-popping. On both sides really his your a. Plus career is one. Sixty one is opiates. Plus career is one fifty two so he was fifty to sixty percent better at both of those things at the same time and there are not enough superlatives so some of the other fun facts. I've seen jeremy frank on twitter. The list of players with fifty plus career wins and fifty plus career. Home runs it. Saisi more babe ruth and bullet rogan and a tweet from at brave stats Effectively wild listener had the list of players with at least one hundred twenty career. Ps plus and one hundred twenty year era plus with at least five hundred plate appearances and two hundred innings. Pitched charlie ferguson. Bob carruthers babe. Ruth bullet rogan leon. Day and merchandise ego. He go and rogin are the only two who have at least a thirty. Opiates plus in both those categories and broken is the only one who has One fifty or better or even one forty or better in both those categories. So really kind of incredible. And i'll just stub brief summary. He didn't make his debut until he was almost twenty seven in nineteen twenty which is the beginning of the negro leagues so he was already well into his career in life by the time he got there which makes it even more impressive. He was born in eighteen ninety three and he was in the army for awhile before he was in the negro leagues and he played on a famous team in the military which was called the twenty fifth infantry records In the the buffalo soldiers regiment the records were really skilled team in the military at that time and a lot of their players went on to form the core of the monarchs teams of the nineteen twenties and so he excelled there and served in the philippines and was just in the army for years before he made his negro leagues debut and he could do it all and the quotes. The testimonials are really impressive. William big johnson. One of his teammates in the army said oscar charleston was everything but rogan was more roken. Could do everything everywhere. Satchel page famously said in unique diction. He was the only pitcher i ever saw. I ever heard of in my life was pitching and hitting in the cleanup place. He would often clean up when he was not pitching. According to rogan's longtime kennedy frank. Dumping if you had to choose between rogan and page you'd pick broken because he could hit the pitching you too soon have satchel as rogin understand but rogan's hitting was so terrific. Get my point i do. And casey stengel also called rogan one of the best if not the best pitcher that ever lived and the tributes go on and on and he was actually five seven which was not big even then and yet. He was the throwing pitcher. It seems like probably in the negro league. He unusually for the time often pitch without a wind up and pitch from the stretch in. Had a sidearm delivery..

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