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Like, it was it was very eye-opening film, the juxtaposition of comedic voice with this very serious content. And then like the outing I'm well. I'm certainly glad I have the degree that I have because you will never not need government employees. People to administrate. Someone's got us. Now. This is amazing stuff. This amazing stuff. I I don't know, man. I. Last the last time I went I was surprised by the fact that because this was just Todd at the day that I went it was just Todd wanted around like a chicken. Okay. Cut up. Get everything meal that was like it. I was at the Harold Washington. Coach was in the last year. And all I could think about was as he opened up. He talked about trying to stop recidivism, and how many black bodies incarcerated, and he talked about this marriage between the arts and activism, and how we might see less recidivism if we met more people where they were like we saw the impact of thirteenth the documentary by ever do Rene about the prisoner industrial complex and Khalif Browder story. What do you think we gain from telling these stories through film, and how does it move and feed into the work on the ground is comes to executing at a legislative level. I think the best way to sort of get at that answers that storytelling through art has has a way of hitting people's ears differently than if you're sitting in front of them talking about a white paper or. Talking about a legislative proposal because I think that human aspect of. And that in human that human connection to the stories that really helps to impact and in amplify message or an experience. And so I think art has very unique in that way to art is unique in that way. Able to to be able to to reach people and get 'em in tap into that empathy of of another human being kind of letting people have the realization on their own rather than right? Sometimes. Right. I mean, I have to be your lived experience. There's something very impactful about watching somebody lived through something and tell their own story and see their pain the ads. It's it's it's an incredibly powerful tool to motivate and move people. That's how you hurt wasn't because agent was laughing at the power of art. It was because we're in our ear are coverage is yelling at us to take a break. It's okay. It's nobody's fault. I said. Important conference in congress. Had. Laugh, nonetheless, we've got a pay some bills. So we'll be back WGN seven twenty WGN is at.

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