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Our schools are home to over one incident a day on average. A rate that triples what we have seen in the past years, and even before COVID-19. Here at Rockville high school, superintendent monifa mcknight as the school system will offer more training to staff and teach students about the role Hayden bias played across history. It's part of the county's response to a rise in hate and bias incidents. She says through assemblies and other means the county will create opportunities during the school day for students to learn about specific issues. Sammy said is an 11th grader at Richard Montgomery high school. And I talked to students that seriously do not feel comfortable in their own skin, going to school today. At Rockville high school, Scott gellman, WTO P news. The prince George's county council locally considering that a bill aimed at boosting restaurants that offer health food options offering incentives like promotions favorable loans and other incentives on the table. But there's debate over whether or not the county can afford it, or afford not to do it. We have a lot of fast food options and predatory county in a very limited number of healthy options. And so prince George's county councilwoman wallow blague argues support from the county could change that. Eligible restaurants would have to offer multiple plant based options and at least 30% of the whole menu would have to be considered healthy. The county executive supports healthy food auctions. Then council liaison sakina scanner said the county executive was against the spill because. This administration has a tight budget. Council chair Tom Dre noga blasted that response. What we're really talking about

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