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If they're going to know if there will be any retaliation from that this is K f i N K. O S DHD to Los Angeles. Let's go ahead and take a look at your drive again, Robin Bankston said into the the 1 10. We're going to go to south l. A. On the 1, 10 South and imperial. There is a wreck here with four vehicles, one of them a truck pulling a trailer. That kind of Jackson. It's not. It's not a giant truck, but you know It's a little trailer, so the middle Lane is blocked here. Your drug is jamming up a century and I was just looking at the map, and there may be another crash there at century as well. So the 1 10 South bound, beware downtown Los Angeles on the 10 West found just after Alameda. That's the records in the right lane. It was started with a stolen vehicle, and then it turned into a crash. Ko Phi, and this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney superwoman superlawyer dot com Jeff bought has an update and Atwater Village. You say Good morning, Robin. We gotta get right to work here. A couple of problems involving maybe fires. First One is definitely a fire south to Glendale Freeway south firefighter part has been on team for a while, a bit of a fire on the right shoulder. So it is causing some slowing And then another one going through to look alike. This westbound 1 34 right is the one on one transition. Also to the North 1 70 break in a band might have tangled there and people out of their cars trying to help. And that the westbound 1 34 back, you know, from Kalanga west there, though. The one on one looking good injured in an accident. Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bark a F I and this guy, OK if I and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm.

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