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Have that. I'm not on the board. The what was amongst the worst raw, that was amongst the worst raws ever. And that says a lot. Why the fuck do they keep putting Oscar on the mic? Why do they bother with that women's match? Becky winning was more predictable than the globetrotters. Apparently vengeance 2003 was there. So I don't know why you're complaining. Yeah, 2003. 19 years ago. No, because apparently Vince hates the Denver Nuggets owner Stan. Oh, that's yeah, because they fucked them over on a raw one week. Oh yeah. They bump. Oh yeah. Yeah. That's the one they had the nuggets versus Lakers match. Well, yeah, it was Western Conference Finals and they can't really just change it for raw. They don't know who's shit. So they ended up having to go to LA. Imagine they choose WWE over the NBA playoffs. Like, well, the nuggets took a loss. They forfeited a game. Right. Victor Castillo is A.J. Styles honoring Cody Rhodes, bro has been bleeding a lot lately. Zaheen ramen, you guys feel like Kevin Patrick slowly morphing into Tony schiavone with these back to back segments. He could be. He's on his way. But back to you, Kevin. No one's as douchey as Tony schiavone. That's true. What was the best John C the segments? And why was it Seth Rollins laughing scene his theme song? Yep, we loved it. Tobin, can you hit the MJF button? I need my MJF fix. It's been weeks. Here you go again. Let's try this week. Twice. Rampage. What's your Mount Rushmore? For ECW, WCW and the attitude era. Oh boy. Can ECW dreamer dreamer RVD Sabu Sabu? I don't know. Sandman. Sandman. Sure. I think that's pretty much WCW. Hogan flair. Sting. No. Hogan flair sting and dusty, Bischoff, and probably Vader. Vader. I don't know. God, there's so many people that can fill that last spot. Right? Because it's still NWA. Yeah. You have to take like the last, I don't know, 80 to 30? No, no. Why? No. Orange? No. No, God. I mean, honestly, if you asked a hundred people for probably Goldberg. Yeah, that's what I was saying. It would be Goldberg. Anyways, attitude era, stone cold rock. Shawn Michaels? Well, he kind of left, right? Yeah, it started. Yeah, that's true. So Triple H and mankind undertaker, Triple H. Mankind, you have a mankind. Mankind fell off the cell. Yeah. Over who then killed himself for the attitude era. We could probably just take out stone cold, right? No. Over the undertaker? Wow. I would say mankind over undertaker. I didn't like ministry of darkness. I really didn't. Yeah, fair enough. All right. We're going to start doing fake lightning. I was out. Omar, big show and Daniel Bryan back to WWE confirmed hashtag. Thank you, Cena, PS I only watched raw form Maurice's boobies. Well, then I guess you don't watch raw that much. Yeah, I guess you're gonna have to watch a mizzen misses Miz and misses tits. Yeah, something like that. Ted McGee. All right. Are we done with questions? Yeah. I'm done. Oh, shit. Yeah, we still gotta do those. Yeah. Money in the bank predictions. And still. Let's see how many different answers do we have in total? I'm gonna say 5 different answers. Like the whole sheet. I'm gonna say three, oh, wow. All right, and I'll say over. All right, first up, we have The Usos versus the street profits for the undisputed tag team championships. All right. I've got The Usos with a pin. Of course, Usos. Jay pinning Ford? Oh. Oh, I've got J pinning dock in. As do I? So Andrew. J wrong, Joe probably spelled Jay wrong too, so that doesn't count. Okay, so only Eric. How many people interfere? Zero. Zero, zero. Great. Next up we have theory versus Bobby Lashley for the United States championship. I've got fury with a bin. And Eric loses. And he's out. And he's out. All right, Andrew. All right, it's just me and you now, Eric, you can leave. I have put E one. Error one. I have Bobby, of course. Yeah, Bobby Lashley, I'm gonna have him sub them out. Yeah, submission. Yeah. It doesn't really matter anymore. You don't have to ask me. He's lost. Does anyone get squirted with baby oil? No. No. I have no as well. How many people interfere? I say one. I put two. Yeah, alpha academy, too. Yeah. So that's me? Yeah. It's different. I have a different you're the odd man out. I have an unfun. Unfun. Ronda Rousey versus Natalia for the SmackDown women's championship. I guess Eric's got an Italia, so Joe, you gotta run it, right? I have Rhonda. I've run it with a sub. Honda with a sub. Sweep it. How many people interfere? Zero zero zero sweep. Does the winner get cashed in on? No. No. No. Then we got Bianca Belair. That whole match is crossed. We have Bianca Belair and how is any of that wrong? Just already give ourselves a 100% 11 points. Bianca Belair versus carmella for the raw women's championship. Bianca pinned zero no, Eric. Listening, they have no idea what's happening. Of course they know they know. We've done 800 of these. All right, so I had Bianca with a pin. Yeah, same. Yeah. I have no interference. And she does not get cashed in on, correct. All right, next up, this is good for me. Women's money in the bank. We got to live Morgan versus Alexa Bliss versus Raquel Rodriguez versus Becky Lynch versus Lacey Evans versus Asuka versus shotzi. I'll do it your way. Zero Asuka, no, no. Oh, I have Becky zero shotzi. No, yes. Becky zero, you did that wrong. Yeah, we do this side first. Then we say our winner. So I have no interference. All right, for real. How many people interfere zero? Zero. First to jump off a ladder. Asuka. Wait, wait, wait. This will decide the title, Eric. Yeah. Oscar? As well. Joe's different. I've shotzi. Okay. Give her something to do? I don't even think shotzi will be in the match. Does anyone hang from the case? Negative. No, no, and any other weapons. I'm gonna say yes. I'm gonna say yes. I said no. Oh, Eric Andrews on this one. And we all have Becky..

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