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Right. Or when they have good ballparks, right? I mean Matt Olsen Ivy met Olsen similar. Let me pull up the names here and say who I say, like, like I recommended him in a Thursday, free agent blog recently and said, well, he could do pretty much what this guy can do CJ krone Vogel Bach or. Yandi D as crystal Walker. They're all kind of similar just kind of depends on the schedule, you can stream first base, if you want to actually. Iheart Matt Olsen. This is this is Adam Dunn's prime. I think coming, I think that's what the career is gonna look like more or less value now than it did. When Adam Dunn was doing less. But, but remember that in the especially the sabre metrically inclined leagues in the points leaks. Adam Adam Dunn the last player to be leading the league in home runs to get traded at that time. Wow. That, okay. Now, Edwin is next. Add winner prime done who has more value done winning traded. What's amazing about Edwin like he's obviously not gonna win a batting title base. But in home runs, RBI and runs scored. He's on pace to shatter all his career highs. And I don't see that stopping. He's never scored one hundred runs before and even be about six or seven for the Yankees. Like look who's batting behind him like other teams, cleanup hitters tours indeedy like oh, how many teams with DD touristy batting third and fourth about an eighth and ninth now for the aunties next week? And I argue watching him he hasn't had all that extraordinary season. I haven't been that wowed by what he's done, which tells you a lot about the home run environment nowadays. Yeah. I mean basically he's doing in line what he's been doing in the past. But now the different baseball helping him anyway. Anyway, going one for this rapid fire thing. Jesse Winker just turns twenty six August in Dennis deform, keeping her, cutting, I didn't expect this. I did think. Winker would would go pass twenty home runs. But I thought for sure he would bat for like two eighty because of his plate discipline..

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