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Glad you could join us on the Vegas. Take it your buddies back at you, Mr. Shapiro in the house. We're gonna have a lot of fun today. Coming up at the bottom of the hour. Daniel new six-time WS oh p World Series of poker champion will be joining us. I wanna ask him a lot of questions about Vegas Golden Knights. But also this ticket situation. JD did you hear about this? It's a crazy. I don't agree with it some people will. But apparently if you were a season ticket holder and the nights were monitoring you selling on, apparently, you know, websites on the market that that they didn't approve of if you were trying to sell your tickets to make a profit they have revoked your season tickets. That's happened. In many cases, we're going to talk about that with Danny because he's a season ticket holder. Something tells me he wasn't trying to sell his tickets. I think he's doing okay financially. I don't think he was trying to sell his JD. But, but we'll talk to Daniel about that coming up at the bottom of the hour in just a minute. We're going to be joined by Mike Babcock TMZ sports. But JD it's been an interesting day. I had a chance to talk to Mr. Billy bean, Oakland as Mr. moneyball. So that was a lot of fun. Got a chance to check out the site of the new Las Vegas ballpark worthy. Aaa affiliate of the Oakland. A's will be playing right across the street, really from Iraqi JD, I gotta tell you. It was beautiful, man. I wish I could have been there. It was a lot of fun and talking to Billy bean. So we'll get to that come up the bottom of the hour. Also, a crazy story. What's up to we'll get to get to a little bit? But he was rejected from a game. And it cost him a half a million dollars. I saw that. We'll get to that coming up at the poverty. Arba joining us right now on the line benefit you weeks since we spoke to Mike Babcock from TMZ sports, Mike. I appreciate you coming on. How are you? Gentlemen. What's going on? How you doing? I'm doing great. Not as lucky as you guys because I just I just saw that you guys had a chance to catch up with J Simpson. The great OJ Simpson who has just a wonderful reputation. Why is he commenting on Bill Cosby number one? And number two. What did he tell you guys? That the OJ Simpson who is not in not imprison who's out on the golf course in Nevada. He's talking about Bill Cosby who is eighty one years old, and who is in prison and Bill Cosby is getting advice from O J Simpson. O J. OJ essentially said that Bill Cosby need to be protected. In some type of segregation because the sexual predators. Prisoner as we know not looked upon fondly that his safety is going to be in danger unless prison officials protect him. Yeah. Yeah. That's great to get advice from OJ Simpson. I'm sure Bill Cosby's really listening intently to that the fact that when he comes it yellow he's been there. He doesn't have a little experience. But from my understanding is he was treated like a king in prison. He was looked up as a king. And but I I don't know. But I guess the fact that OJ Simpson is just commenting on any person that is behind bars for sexual abuse anything as far as mistreatment women. I I would say he's probably the last person that should be talking about that. Does not surprise me that OJ speaking up about that does not surprise me at all. The one that he's out of President Bill. Cosby imprisoning? Yeah. Absolutely not so many other stories to get to my understanding is that Kobe Bryant was a good Samaritan today. Is that right? There was some sort of car crash in any tried to help help a lending a help a person that was in a car. What exactly happened letting it ahead? Kobe. Bryant was down there in Newport Beach, where he lives and we had gotten some tips. Kobe Bryant within an accident. So I you wonder, you know, hope this is not bad. Hope. Everybody's okay. So it's a digging in. It turns out Kobe wasn't the one in the accident. Kobe was driving by an accident. Range Rover and got hit by another car in Kobe actually got out now. During the course of the accident. The guy who got hit his own actually broke because there was like jostled without. So there is Kobe Bryant one of the greatest basketball players ever. He's a walking around the car. We have picture this on the website and taking photos of the damaged cars guy who got it. Can you imagine Mike if you're just say, hypothetically, you're you're driving to work? Right. And you get into like, I don't know. Let's just say you get into a minor car crash and y- you're banged up a little bit. And then you see Kobe Bryant just rolling by saying. Hey, Mike, are you? Okay. And then your response can be well, I think I got a concussion, but can I get an autograph? Can you? Last person a world, you'd expect Kobe Bryant, that's crazy. It'll like a lot of people would have. But he actually got up that is that is awesome. That's even harder to do to actually get out. And then not be involved in the accident. And that's even better the average person will just look and then drive. I'm one of those people. Was it an LA was in Beverly Hills? Where is this is this is where Newport New York? Okay. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Wow. That's that's absolutely crazy. Now, Mike we've talked about this on the air with you before about Eric Reed. And j dis been pretty outspoken about that saying this guy needs to be signed. Well, they signed him. And so what what what's the story? You guys got on that? Yeah. Yeah. Bowler news. Home. To see the end of the Panthers. They had a need. They took a chance on they signed up from what I've been told the kneeling did not come up in the negotiations air, Eric met with the owner and the conversations are really all about football. They didn't they didn't give him an ultimatum. You know will only sign you don't Neil. So none of that stuff was touched on. I guess we'll have to wait see what Eric actually does. When. Yeah. He he got. His lawsuit. With the NFL in collusion piece. That's still going forward. It's still to be seen. What affected being signed? We'll have on that case. But I think. And Eric Reed. And all the people that believes in their 'cause today was a big day for them. Do you buy that though? Because you know, I if Eric Reed they signed this guy. Now, if he decides to kneel he's going to get suspended do you by the fact that as he's interviewing for this job? They didn't even ask about that. I find it hard to believe they're gonna look like complete asses if he decides to knee for the national anthem I first game suited up. Yeah. It seems strange to me that they went with his plans were. You you remember the Seahawks? They interested Colin Kaepernick, and and they gave him an ultimatum. And there was a huge backlash because of that. So maybe the Panthers want to go down that road. Yeah. It's it's it's strange. Ask him what he planned to do. That sounds stupid. I'm almost like rooting for him to kneel in the first game just to make them look bad sound a. A little reads good enough. Or if he is if he finishes the season, strong, he could sign a four four year, forty million dollar contracts. He's that good. So if I mean, if he's dumb enough to kneel more power to them, but I think he won't be. Yeah. Let's let's hope he doesn't. But I guess I was partly joking there and partly series. We'll we'll see what happens. Okay mic. It's not every day that you get to speak to an NFL hall of Famer. And you know, you guys are able to talk to Jim Brown and asked him a little bit about Baker Mayfield that must've been pretty cool. What did he have to say? Excited about that back code red after the draft right after the Browns tip Baker number one of one of our cameramen, Jim Brown. He was not please pick. I think he wanted saquon Barkley or other quarterback. Darnold was not happy. Clearly, so, you know, obviously, we. The Baker leading their comeback gets yet. They win the game. So got Jim on FaceTime. And he ate he said, I was completely long happy. I was wrong about the Browns knew what they were doing. And he literally said I love everything about this kid outstanding. While I was in the same page with Jim when he when he came out. I thought, you know, Texas Tech walk on it kinda remind me of like a poor man's drew Brees blend. I watched assume I saw I think three balls over sixty five yards in the year that he threw him. And he had he had by far his almost just the strongest Josh Allen. Maybe maybe a couple of yards short. And he's so accurate. So yeah, I think he gets credit for the arm and you've got that gunslinger battalion. I'm sure that'll bite a couple of times. But yeah, I think the guy's a winner. And he's got a great story. Like, you said gone gets a scholarship. I you know, what an amazing story. But yet your Browns all the way around fake. All right, Mike. Well, I'll tell you. What man if you guys catch up to OJ again ask him if he needs a fourth for his foursome on Sunday? I'll be glad to glad to join them out on the golf course. And maybe take whatever. You gotta be careful that could be it could be dangerous. You're right about that. He might attack me with a golf club. Anyway. Mike, Mike Babcock. Always appreciate it. When you come on. My man, you guys do a great job over there. We'll catch up with you next week. Okay. Guys. Look forward to it. Mike, Mike Babcock TMZ sports. Do you think OJ gave Bill Cosby a book called surviving imprisoned? If I if I survived in prison, if I did it, I I I don't know what a what can somebody please explain to me why I understand why TMZ is interviewing him because it's it's a story. That's going to get a lot of kids. I get all that the fact that OJ Simpson is playing golf in Vegas everyday. Teach you how much that ticks me off that he's actually living the good life now. And I know what people are gonna say out there. Hey, brian. He wasn't convicted of double murder. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. If you're one of those people, you know, I don't want you to call in because I'm gonna swear on the air, and the FCC doesn't like that our program director John Shaffer wouldn't like that either. So now, it's ridiculous. You know? I mean that bought it bothers me I'll be honest with the and the whole thing with the the station casinos with at Palestinian, look if that was not OJ Simpson he wouldn't have seen any jail time period. Okay. And anyone who thinks otherwise I'm sorry. You're wrong based on the evidence Kay. He didn't have the gun. It was another guy that had the gun, but they went after OJ. And and you know, the you could say karma, whatever you want. It truly is Carmen. He should still be in jail. That's my take on OJ Simpson. That's the Vegas scumbag belongs behind bars should not be out playing golf, you know, just put them in a four by four sell the rest of his life. There you go. That's my take on OJ Simpson. Sorry, sorry. I feel a little bad for CCC bath ya. Not not because he's a little overweight because we all are. Okay. That's not why. I feel bad. Okay. So the score gate. This is the Yankees game. The score is eleven zero just murder or whatever reason CC decided to throw at a batter. And I and I don't know the whole scheme of why I don't understand why the schools even throw hard anymore ninety through it. This guy's feet. Okay. And tensions escalated and normally and it was in the sixth inning. Okay. So the umpire does what he was supposed to do any. Said see? So you're gone. He waved him out. Now normally this wouldn't be a big story deal. Right. Okay. Another another pitcher another idiot. That's trying to throw it a batter. It happens. All the time. Okay. But here's the deal. Okay. CC's two thousand eighteen contract has a very big incentive JD, and it pays him a half a million dollars if he pitches one hundred and fifty five innings in season. One hundred and fifty five innings he needed one more inning. One more inning for a half a million dollars now based on cici's about these reaction. I'm not sure if you even knew it because I think if he did know it or if you realized it, and I'm not sure if he was even asked, but if you realized that I don't think he would have done what he did. He basically cost himself a half a million dollars for throwing it a better for hitting a batter I've never seen anything like this before in my life. And and the question I would ask the CCS wasn't worth denomination big Macs. You could get for half a million dollars CC probably likes Mickey D's, easy large. Man. It's it's unbelievable. He probably would've gone after the. If he knew it he he's six seven three hundred pitcher in baseball. Absolutely. I would imagine as he wanted to the locker room somebody had to tell officer. Hey, by the way, man, you just lost. You just cost yourself a half a million dollars and to make matters even worse. It was eleven zero. The game was over. It was a meaningless six. He obviously would have lasted another inning. I wonder if the staff knew about this incentive. Probably not maybe I don't know..

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