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Grand dukes sir wayne mellon sawn oh by think we need a little jingle for him only i were on time with stuff like that it's been a it's been a rough morning so far malone white is i'm way off john i'm sorry till we go ladies and gentlemen i present the grand duke of the pacific northwest since wayne men and very very always coming in on time in a tiger oregon it on janssen a long form small booze value contribution is was sixty six hundred dollars sixty five cents so it's a small boobs value contribution thanks for the analysis and quality program email had both of you are on the road i love the dirty thirty segment keep it up i would like to hear a sir chris or someone alder rydin dirty for that segment headed to the uk for two weeks today so how about some karma love and light y'all is eleven light to you our friend and we really appreciate your support you've got karma timothy elliott mountain view california three thirty three thirty three and he says i've been listening to the show for about a year yet the donate but it's time to repay by keeping my mic dylan check and encouraging me to question the ms m five m can i get a dido shing bandido douched and it also get at trump's job car my really quick re recently quit my job in silicon valley and we'll be moving to new york city at the end of the month i have no job lined up yet by the way i don't know if i can make a full report here but according to the millennials in the family that work in silicon valley and elsewhere.

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