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Obama's ready to go as well and paul is here and heather here all. It's a busy morning for his on this labor day. Let's get right to it. With the game. The night in thriller. It was markets number nine notre dame on the road at florida state as the irish come in. They're looking to start their season on a positive note. And the seminal playing their first game since the passing of their legendary coach bobby bowden. What a game. Third quarter notre dame four third golden. Watch kyran william slash rulemakings up. You're listening to defender supposed to use the sideline to help them. But this is a tremendous flight from mendes strength to get in the end zone. That's just one in the knicks. Got jack gone through four touchdowns and three hundred sixty six yards. Meanwhile floors down as many as eighteen. But they're coming back jordan travis hit and loses the helmet. That means on comes. Mackenzie milton his first snap since a devastating leg injury three years ago when he was playing at. Ucf look how good he looks his first completion. Douglas twenty two yards. They're moving down. The field of that will lead to this. The direct snap trae. Sean ward taking it in for the tuck. Yes sir the direct snap. A couple of times had wanted to get out of there. But this one works down about goldline's smart decision great blocking upfront. Florida's largest eight then holds notre dame on defense on a third and to milton. Look how creative in sneaky the little shop this or that's a beautiful bait and you know what that is. Jesus experience not panicking. Get the ball to play mega. So he can make a moat that leads to various in the final minute lion fitzgerald twenty three are field goal. And it's good again down as many as eighteen. They tied at thirty eight. We're going to overtime and the overtime your comes right back. He was the hero would regulation. This one is thirty. Seven yards away off hooks. It left brian. Kelly says that needs we went with a kick and they would go for that food one tenth year comes jonathan dora looking to shut the door and he does notre dame wins it in overtime. Outlasting the seminoles in an absolute thriller. Forty one thirty eight on an opening sunday night. brian. Kelly talk you know. I'm in favor of Execution maybe maybe our entire team this about executed after tonight. We just didn't execute very well. And i will say this. Florida state played extremely well. We've got some work to do. I like our team. I like our players I love their commitment and the way they fought and we're pretty.

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