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Great saves even right there on corner. Puck with going in. Stuck out that right leg again. Bark shy. Flea breeded point. Vassilev skis, right? Point does win the draw Girardi in the far corner, bounces it for headman trying to clear it and got block comes right in a last lots couldn't clear it himself. It's going to be held at the right point by Sammy echo a shot blocked Girardi in the near corner dumping it up the near sideline. Steal rate circle any of over twice on the shift in their own headlining goes cross as kucherov a steal his stick. But this time it's not controlled. By Wheeler bounce off his stick out to center ice point will swing for kucherov across the blood a shot in the slot blocked. Gujrat and the rebound left corner is dispossessed lining turns it out safely at center crossed the lighting line, right circle. Safely pulls up looks to make a play a Senator eight feet block Nico pinched. He's going to get to the puck left circle. And his pass picked up by point Victor Hedman. He'll lead charge out to center ice three to here's kucherov across the lineup. So go to Johnson, right circle. Shoots. Eight halibut got over at time read that sure did Sammy Nico clears it back to lightning ice Chernick. Reveals the puck in curls behind his own net. Brian Little applying pressure one our score in the second turn out a little past bounces to Alex Cora circle deals for JT Miller across the blue line pulls upright point Miller jams it behind the Winnipeg net pinball around to the near side for Anthony Sara Leila circle under pressure comes up with a anyway, let's circle seraglio centers at blocked by Tanta is ran random ten f barrels out to center ice bus to the red line crossed the blood of Myers, right point, shoots blocked rebound. Mcdonagh left went ca- Lorne coast-to-coast action right path for Hillary wasn't ready for it. But it bounces back to corn. He is checked track Paul's up dumps it for Miller still the neutral zone. Can't get it in. Here's a counter Rossel that crossed the blood right circle. Shoots that got deflected wide left by mcdonagh. And the rebound has nudged out by serenity to center ice Kulikov trying to work. It back internet is there though, you'll slip into the jets. Line Kulikov encounter website be little high slot. Russell Vic shoots blocked, long rebounds. Sara lee. Not to center ice. Matthew Joseph has to wait for it. To on one. Maybe crossed the blood left circle in front Ernie. Why wasn't? It was gonna be a two on one. But Joseph was able to control that Peng accelerated up ice. It didn't turn into a two on one..

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