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G o eight set noon i'm nikki medoro officials say multiple people have been killed in eight people have been taken to the hospital and the collapse of a bridge at a miami area university miami dade fire official paul sap n says eight vehicles were trapped under the new pedestrian bridge at florida international university the section of bridge spanning a busy road had just been installed on saturday president trump's sprawling family business operations may be a new target of special counsel robert muller and correspondent bob costantini points out the president has previously said this could be crossing a red line to sources briefed on the matter of the new york times is reporting special counsel robert muller's team subpoenaed documents of the trump organization the report says the information sought does involve russia business dealings as well as other matters president trump repeatedly says there was no collusion between his campaign and russian operatives who were seeking to influence the election perhaps more important the president has previously said he would consider having muller fire if the investigation started looking into his past business dealings the times reports subpoenas were delivered in recent weeks bob costantini the white house california lawmakers are considering slashing taxes on marijuana growers and sellers to lawmakers today proposed a plan to trim the excise tax from fifteen percent to eleven percent and temporarily suspend the cultivation taxes there is concerned that high taxes on growers and sellers are driving buyers into the black market federal health officials are taking the first step in a new war on tobacco they formally announced plans to begin regulating nicotine levels in cigarettes so they aren't addictive here's correspondent shelley adler the fda estimates its plan that was announced last summer could push the smoking rate in the us to one percent right now that figure is about fifteen percent for adults regulators estimate about five million additional people would quit cigarettes within one year of the new nicotine limits while the fda has published it's formal notice to begin regulating nicotine it's expected to be a multi year process littered with potential obstacles days.

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