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Since ninety six i i was playing the opera when i was seventeen when it was still at the reimann though i worked for the late great dottie west who is going to be in the country music hall of fame now which is yeah finally i worked for her for three years he put up with me for three years i was seventeen when i joined her band and we played the rhyme and when the opera was still there so that was pretty interesting those days seventy three seventy four they moved way back yeah that's pretty pretty good while back there exactly stephen is to hear from you pal i really can't yes sir congrats do you guys and man you sure keep us informed and keep us straight now he's love hearing your show so we'll thank you keep spreading the y well i do i spread it all you got to take care thank you ma'am all roads lead to you some fools never learn do anything no kidding appreciate the wellwishers will a quick time out get back more of your phone calls and.

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