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Radio dot com or wherever you get your podcasts WABC traffic in transit Couple of problems in The Bronx eastbound cross box expressway starting to back up now from the Alexander Hamilton bridge out towards Jerome avenue Looks like we may have a problem there and the northbound side of the bruckner 95 northbound right around the Hutch just north of the Hutch and accident So some delays are coming up through pelham Parkway up through that area We're still looking at heavy traffic on the van wyck northbound approaching hillside avenue and there's an accident He spent on the belt Parkway of Pennsylvania avenue I'm Jay trellis WBC This is the best of Mark Levin Merry Christmas Hello America Mark Levin here our number 8 7 7 three 8 one three 8 one one 8 7 7 three 8 one three 8 one one This evening we start with crying.

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