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Brought the house down? Wow, from Laura. Alexander have. Wow Wow so many hands sandwiches on the board. Yes, so matty Jamil tune this week. We're jam packed. Yes, so many on. We're not supposed to jam anymore. I don't know if you've seen about this moldy jam. Not. Missouri Okay! Joshua if we have to give a shout out to a randy newbold toddler. Maranda. Give a shout out to otherwise. We might be in trouble, yes. Ready new poll listens to all of your wand off as they come in a week of long wand offs. Long Duff's. Couldn't dare. Cut some of them, but yeah. Yeah. Yeah brilliant work this week by the one that's right rob. It absolutely was all right. Thank you KC. Yourself out. Dot it I'll see you next time. Okay, all right then, Josh. Of course people can go to. Accomplish for Wanda. Standing by to tabulate the votes Josh next week. Reveal where we're going for episode eight yes. Yes, we should. I think that. This is important that we are. Next. Episode Eight. Next week we are talking about the eighth episode of a season I know. There was confusion this time because John has a two hour premiere. Yes, considered that two hour premiere two thirds. There was some confusion. Try hopefully, everyone's happy. We are going to episode eight of the season next week. We are talking about a season. That is another gem of the modern ISH era. But I think like is in a place where it is looked upon nostalgically now. It involves. A survivor player who has appeared on the wiggle room in the recent past, not PG. But not terribly long before PG. And we're not going to Fiji. We're going to the Philippines. We're the scenes season. twenty-five Episode Eight Survivor, the Philippines. The Jeff can't vote. Okay Fun episode. Good, this is this is a Mike Bloom suggestion. I thought. This is all of these Mike Bloom. Suggestions at this point I backed them because I think he's made some great picks. And this is a great pick I'm really excited to talk about or on our on our TV, pair more penner. You know the more panoramic. Get the better. So, this is GonNa be fun. This is a very very. All right so looking forward to that next week season twenty five episode eight. Coming up here on the Wiggle Room Josh what's been going on with you? What do you have coming up? We've got things happening elsewhere in the universe. Some of those things include as you mentioned the tabulated. Who is currently currently working on a pizza poll? Because the whole so right now, the top chef podcast top chef is over, but the top shift crew. We Love podcasting together, and we will have food and podcast him food, so we're going to continue podcasting about food and we just talked about taste the nation Padma. Lots Muse Hulu show our next podcast. I was listening to that over the weekend. It was a it's A. It's a great show. People Definitely Watch face. The Nation highly highly recommended. We're not GONNA do anything that has anything to do with television next week. We're going to have a pizza party or a pizza party on the podcast. We're GONNA talk about pizza. Kurtz have on the PODCAST. We might be and we have a plan for that so that there isn't any pizzas sound mouths that are going to be triggering for people okay so. TVD You just have to tune in and listen elsewhere. UNWRAP UPS mole patrol. Brooklyn said Jessica lease and myself were podcasting about episode. Three of season. One of the mole knows boy lease I've never seen it. It is a spoiler free zone. And we are having an absolute blast at podcast is a delight, and hopefully you are enjoying it as well over a poster recaps Kevin. Mateo and I are up to captain America's civil war. Marvel Cinematic University Watch on everything. Super over on down the hatch. We are done with season two. We are taking a little bit of a break before we start on season. Three next week's podcast will start the season three premiere. This week I'm going to be joined by Jonathan, crouse in a special guest to do a little bit of a Lost Book Club slapdown, talk about some of the references throughout season two of law, so those five castes in whittier world, and then a mess. This stuff happened over at the Hollywood reporter which which you should be. You should be checking out. T HR doesn't need any help promoting themselves though there. They got this all right. All right. So. This was very fun. be sure to check out the B. and B. and Y X lost. Find Out why Sarah Laws that should be. Fun Conversation with. plus everything that's going on all the fun and Games. That Mike Liana will have with this episode over on the Rahat ups feed. Be sure to check that out every single week and then we've got a lot more coming up on the podcast this week. Look for more talking with t-bird. This Week and money teases and he. We'll talk to somebody who was a part of an episode that we've already talked about this season. On in the wiggle through time whistle through time, yes. Right. So some funds, plus also if you haven't checked out tough as nails yet of a fun podcast going with. Jessica Lisa and Mike Bloom. Reality Show tough as nails was very fun to cover the first episode and we'll have a lot more coverage. Every shows fun show. You like it. Look I. Don't get to talk about new reality shows too often. Not Anymore. Enjoyed it, but yeah. Definitely check. CBS. Re Ran it last night. The premier excited about it. Should be some fun talk. Of course all this podcasting guessing made possible by the patrons of rob has a podcast head on over to rob. COM SOC patrons to see everything. We're doing behind the scenes. We've got patron Trivia back on Tuesday night this week, so we'll hop that coming up this week and much more rods website com slash patron. So much for listening everybody, take care of.

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