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Unfortunately when I responded sure she look directly at me and winked. I pondered what I thought I had just seen and convinced myself that it did not happen. shortly thereafter a foot was caressing my inner left calf I pan the table double Maggie and Anita were too far away Brad. While still having the stupid half grin on his face was decidedly straight and he was just a few playing cards over five feet tall. There was no way his like could reach if he wanted to. I contemplated turning to. Oh my God. Bunny Buddy Lee threw up a little in my mouth which caused me to breathe through my nose. Yeah not good. That left Angelina who who is now looking at me. I glanced at her. She awkwardly licked her lips like a five year old who had terribly chapped lips and and was outwardly and violently ignoring all pleas for him to stop licking them you. It felt as though I was caught between disgust at an achey place with a slobbering Angelina across for me and a splayed out. Oh my God my only avenue to try to get away from her. I contemplated simply standing up and leaving but I had only just arrived and that would have appeared appeared odd at best before it can think of another option the bottle of wine I ordered arrived and being anointed wine guy at the table require that I stay and drink it after I approved the wine. The server poured a full glass and left to attend to her other tables and which point Angelina slowly slid her empty glass toward me for me to fill it as well. The action was accompanied need unfortunately with a bizarre look on her face given the under the table action. I assume it was meant to be alluring but it was closer to being psychotic or desperate attempt to delicately released. Some intestinal gas do so high porter. Some wine which as anticipated was quite nice floral and vegetal with Cherry rose petals and just a a touch of bell pepper initially a bit linear but fold by more fruit and a bit of intrigue speaking of Intrigue. Unfortunately the leg tangle underneath the table had stopped at least momentarily but the conundrum still existed my choices start up a conversation conversation with the foot masseuse or her lobotomize roommate or remain silent. Keep my head down and drink myself into oblivion. VN option three after plowing through half of the bottle. The foot was once again back powered by about three hundred mils of liquid courage. I got up and made my way inside the restaurant to the men's room. High just needed to get away from the table and breathe through my nose again. As I opened the door to leave my newfound little sanctuary brad was waiting outside. Had He seen what was going on under the table. Was this going to be some sort of confrontation. I wasn't worried. The Guy was five foot. Two in cycling shoes weighed about ninety three pounds and purportedly had dried snot on his face. So yeah he was an adult in a fourth graders body. I was pretty sure I could take him. He was still still sporting the stupid little grin. No so I figured it was something else he started right in Angelina said she would have sex with me. Me Trying to feel excited for him but knowing it would likely be the worst thirty seven seconds of his life. Oh that's great. I almost almost ask him. Why the sudden turnaround but I stopped realizing the less I knew the better I would sleep but he went on? She said she she would do it. Under one condition not wanting to hear the rest I started peering through the window at our table. Oh my God was standing on the bench. Both hands raised looking as if he were about to make a toast. He reached down for his beer which caused him to lose his balance as he struggled to remain upright. He bumped the table causing my bottle of wine to teeter and then fall to its side and then roll out onto the floor. Ed Precisely that moment zoe the former current love of my life who apparently was working after all all wish avoiding me. The little minx was passing our table with a tray of food. She tried to pivot to avoid the falling bottle. But this caused turn to lose her balance which sent her trayful of food crashing onto an adjacent table. And it's to patrons before I could even even gasp bread. Had One more thing to say she said she would only have sex with me if you joined in and made it a threesome. Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at Kris K. K. Aria area on twitter or Kris K. Kepler on facebook or check out my website W._w._w.. Dot Chris Kepler DOT COM..

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