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He steadily rising and has been featured on NME's 2020 essential new artist list, along with being included on the 2020 ones to watch list. We also mentioned her before, but ravina is another musician making a splash in R&B. Her pop R&B soul and jazz sound has garnered a strong following online. She was actually featured in ModCloth say it louder campaign, which aimed to celebrate individuality and strong women in music. In March 2019, she co headlined the Java jazz festival in Jakarta Indonesia with her and toto. She hopes to make space for South Asian Americans since south Asians aren't often seen in mainstream American music. Not only does she write her songs, she's also her own creative director and ravina is actually directed several of her own music videos where she focused on her Indian heritage and the quote rich interiority of women of color like herself. She states that mixing her Indian roots with new narratives is her life's work. After the release of her 2018 single temptation, she said on Instagram, quote, growing up, South Asian culture and queer culture felt like oil and water, something that just simply couldn't mix. I'm pretty sure I liked girls before I liked boys, but it took me until this year in my 20s to be able to verbalize and know in my heart that this is one of my truths. I hope that for a little Brown girls in the future, their queerness will feel nothing short of completely 100% mundane and normal. It's great to see some progress for people of Asian descent in the R&B scene. Of course, 88 rising an American multinational music company that represents mainly Asian artists is gaining traction. Most recently, they put together the soundtrack for Shang-Chi and the legend of ten rings. They're not innocent and have definitely misstepped, but their mission is to elevate AAPI voices. So we hope they continue to open the door to many more AAPI artists. And before we move on, we want to shout out the joy ruckus club for their work. Their festival covers all genres of music, and they try to give voice to so many of the AAPI community from small artists to big KPop stages. If you go back to episode 46 of season one, you can listen to our special episode where we got to participate in the joy ruckus club festival. There's obviously some room for growth..

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