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And the structure of a shaman song which was the linguistic vehicle they used for transporting their minds over to the other world. It consist of nonsense syllables and meaningless. Retry aims like hickory decorate on is meaningless for train and put together with elements of meaningful language so that the combination of them most together has the power that neither one has along. And i used to show this to my students. With a simple example everybody knows the nursery rhyme hickory vickery dot. The mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck and down ran hickory. Dicker duck well. We all know that everybody knows it but if you take out the nonsense what is it. It's the mouse ran up the clock. The clock struck one and down at ran. That goes no. Wear you see but if you combine it with the nonsense. It has the power which is so great that everybody literally knows that. Or as i've lectured around the world english speaking world. There's a playground. Rhyme that many many people have wonderful associations to one bright day and the middle of the night to dead boys. Got up to fight back to back. They faced each other drew. Their swords and shod each other a blind man came to see the fray. A dumb man came to shout. Hooray a death. Policeman heard the noise and came and killed those two dead boys. Now that is pure nonsense yet. You got to admit that it brings a very vivid story alive in your mind. Yes and it sounds a lot like the kind of thing even some people who experience entity visitations there is this rhyme and this paradox to the way when we make contact with what seems like some kind of intelligence on the other side they do talk like this and it's really kind of curious because i would also say to bring up a somewhat near death experience adjacent phenomenon which is psychedelics and the experience i had the transportation to the spirit world was accompanied by what can only really be described as a nursery rhyme and unknown nursery rhyme. Being sung by kids. I would say but it also overlaps with end e and a lot of other ways like out of body tunnel experience meeting with people of light a sense of rapidly rising into the heavens and key a reluctance to return. And another thing you've mentioned. Is this feeling that it's more real than real life. Being a disembodied consciousness feels like a natural state of being. And i absolutely would concur with that when it comes to my own limited experiences. But what are your thoughts about the mechanisms that trigger these things. I mean it seems to me that they are clues in our reality that yes. We're born here without a memory and we don't know that we're an eternal soul. And maybe we aren't. You know like you say you can't conclude that that the that these things would continue just like what if you obliterated the body would the consciousness still be out there but it feels like if we just trust them. They are clues to tell us that. Hey have some fun with this life. Because there's more over there..

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