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From UCSD said just a little while ago these are American citizens and these sons have gone through a lot and their families have gone through a lot during these past weeks we want to welcome them here test results on the three adults and one child now hospitalized or expected back this weekend to Tijuana police officers are among six people charged with trying to steal one million dollars from South Bay home FBI agents arrested him last week after they say the group met with an undercover agent and then drove to the Chula Vista home where they were allegedly going to rob all six defendants pled not guilty this week and are being held on one million dollars bail exciting results from one of the most comprehensive study of cancer genetics today CBS news Vicki Barker has more in today's lunch time health tip scientists involved in a massive cancer gene mapping efforts say they're closer than ever before to understanding why to patients with the same cancer can have totally different responses to the same drug treatment the answer is written in each person's DNA and that insight puts us one step closer to a personalized cancer treatments that could revolutionize not just how cancers treated but whether it's secured the Barker CBS news London good news there here now here's news a tether Myers with your micro climate forecasts she turning out to be a very comfortable afternoon low to mid sixties at the beaches mid sixties for most of our inland valley communities temperatures will climb gradually through Saturday a dramatic cool down by Sunday were also tracking some light rain moving into the county Sunday through Monday with the potential for mountain snow on am seven sixty eight I'm news it's heather Myers right out sunny and sixty five in Escondido a lot of wheeling and dealing in the NBA today is the trade the trade deadline approaches the clippers have acquired Marcus Morris in Isaiah Thomas in a three team deal involving the New York Knicks and the Washington wizards for Mike Slater coming up AM seven sixty talk and breaking news Friday morning Armstrong get a show clips of the weekend the president did a bit of a touchdown dance speech in the east room one of the highlights now back to Mike Slater on AM seven sixty talking breaking news I wanna be.

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