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Were Detroit comes to talk let's go to the phone lines and talk to rod in Plymouth he wants to talk about Charlie let Duff we just we're talking with Charlie the Duff who had that interview with Brenda Lawrence where she said she wanted to move away from the idea of impeachment and move toward censure and then later clarified by saying that she still supports impeachment thanks for calling the Frank Beckman show rob you know this is not a big disagreement with Charlie looked up but it this is not a valid impeachment the majority of the country we've listened to all that needs to be heard with these hearing this enquiring and if if the Democrat majority households and preach it's it's just gonna be tainted because it have political bias and its meaning it's a meaningless attempt at a valid impeachment and it's not even worthy for the Senate to consider it even though they probably will but they could decide as soon as it comes there this is so in Ballard the Democrats that have been exposed we're going to continue to be exposed for the Superbowl this because this is Joe Biden hunter Biden there in the subset of corruption that was going on during the Obama administration it still goes on even with Hillary Clinton the Russians Ukraine all of this they're just exposing themselves and this is only a political bias nothing more it'll be a political Democrat impeachment not valid do you want to see the summary that comes from Adam Schiff in the house intelligence committee and see what their summary says the evidence was or did you watch enough of it to make your own decision and and and do you think the I mean the house Judiciary Committee obviously has to look at this and and and see what if they see any validity and Adam Schiff is a liar is a proven liar and we the people of the United States we can make our own summary and that's what a joke that basically is this is a meaningless attempt by a man with who does not have integrity by the way if anyone thinks you know I read an article recently in the LA times which is a liberal rag about and I'm sure I don't even believe it's true and yet it's still out there and I am sure he still it's still on there because he had to for defamation but apparently even though he's married go to the stark almost you know I did not even sure if I want to say it there's a now a article about Adam ships boyfriend M. ship has no integrity in the lives during the initial stages of this inquire you prove it he's been doing this the Democrats one of the listeners earlier and mentioned this is all that the Democrats do is they just keep pushing on with our ride let's lies star ride we appreciate you calling it let's have some other people get their opinions and thanks for calling the Frank back wind chill the number is one eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven one eight hundred eight five nine zero W. J. are you can also text to that number as well Bob in Jackson thanks recall the Frank back print show Hey I don't I feel good how are you doing good you know it it it really is getting near Katie because of that work it just shows that the Democrats are still way again the dog here the tail wagging the dog because they have control where's the Republicans ever been you know we given the power in the lose the elusive because forty of them wanted to retire and you know our president goes over one stop corruption and he's not a politician so he he's trying to learn as he goes but there's absolutely no help from the Republican Party the state which you need to really get into what you don't need to get it to what you shouldn't say because god knows prior that big to fill the altered you talk with the that the word that you say in the record it but this is nothing compared to what Joe Biden's son dead enough is being brought up by the Republican Party Sir sit under rear and not doing a thing to help this president for what hi Bob I mean do you know these all these retirements took place and it felt like they were retiring because they didn't want to go through another term with president trump as their president white why is that why did they do that why do they not say you know what this president is unconventional it's our duty to to work with them or to help him to try and achieve the goals of the party well because we the people United States and sick got sick and tired of the way things have been run ever since they'd taken the house in nineteen ninety four you could tell that the Democrats are going to do whatever it takes buy cheap still maintain the power to keep power god did Hillary with every elected we got the house and the Senate because they were to change the rules of who could vote who couldn't vote you know probably allow sixteen year old to be able to vote just so they could stay in power god you know we got president trump in here who is an outsider and we have the Republican Party don't want nothing to do with them why is that more the question anything why don't you want an outsider one in the show get into the bottom of of the corruption of Washington all right you have been sick and tired of that for years all right Bob we appreciate your call and we're gonna get right back to the calls the first week I step in with Decatur who.

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