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Clicked clip click class rate gun only discovered and the serious win the nineteen sixties there is so much methane in the form of up laughs rates such as the frozen methane story on the floor the continental shelves around the ocean's of the world but it's a least double all the known underground call oil and gas on the entire planet peter ward the pill intelligence that the university bristol told me quote methane is way worse than carbon dioxide it's a nerd right now in the soil it's not affecting anyone in anyway when you warm at the becomes an gas and then it starts acting immediately is a green house guess so this is an immediate and very short term threat to him and civilization for the last decade a join us rusher research team out of the international are dick research center university of alaska fair banks it's been exploring the east side billion are kick they're looking at the bottom of the see for one stable reserves of frozen nothing have begun fine and bottling up into the atmosphere after igor some altuve told the british newspaper the independent and two thousand eleven about what he found that year and the scope of the impending nothing problem quote earlier we found torched like structures like this but they were only tens of metres and i amateur this is the first time that we found continuous powerful and impressive see pain structures more than a thousand years and amateur it's amazing and of quote amazing academically that is horrifying for those of us who call platter dearth home a thousand metres is a kilometers so this is one massive single nothing late and it's a bit more than a half meilen die amateur and it is just one of many actress knowledge are bad and quote i was most impressed by the sure scale on a high density the play was over a relatively small area we found more than a hundred but over a wider area there should be thousands of them and quote both sides would've been familiar during the per man and other.

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