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So there are two problems from to come from the company standpoint and from the employees standpoint if you're working remit late and you're in europe ayar law let's say you're working with someone from new york urine never an employee year just a consultant who work happens to be working fulltime you get no perks you get no insurance or anthony and you just get paid on a given day but that creates a problem for the company um taking into account recent legislation than new esten other countries as well you can't really hire consultants on a fulltime basis you'll get in talks rebel and if you're an employee for a let's say in australian company you can't travel outside of his trial iaea for more than i thank free months a year because then you day a get into tax gray area as then should you be take it paying taxes australia or away you travel to end it all gets complicated and i think people who write about being a digital low lad or on the out i think digital noma just makes it the smyth favorite not worried malia obama's it sounds like uh i'm not a fan of the whole fake glamour of digital mud and will stay much although i i definitely enjoy the lifestyle in i think it's great that we have the possibility but i think when people talk about like it's so great you can have no responsibilities travel the it was beautiful places i think actually there's a lot of logistics to executing on a a tax on as one of them and then security alike insurance or um in australia's superannuation which is basically our retirement fund all does things you have to take care of if you're working remotely as effectively fulltime consultant because companies to hire remotely oftentimes don't have an entity in every single country where a day have people from so that's like less glamorous side of remote that might prevent some companies from hiring people remotely.

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