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I think that are really interesting number one bad news for Longhorn fans. Little Jordan Humphrey, the great wide receiver. Punt returner kickoff returner is going to turn pro evidently, the the scouts from the NFL say you could be a second third or fourth round pick. And then the strangest story the mom is not going to be a fourth round pick second third fourth now. No, he wouldn't if he's leaving to be a fourth round pick. He's a moron. Second or third round pick. If he's leaving to be anything less than a third first or second round pick. He's a moron. Well, okay. Well, he's gonna be a first round pick a less e-eits himself out of shape between now and February. I've not seen him on the first round of any lists. If he. He then he really wants to just leave school. Yeah. If I could go. If he leaves right now to be a third round pick. And he's a moron. Good luck to you. I just want to show me the money now. Let's get a check. Yeah. Okay. Now, he really wants out of town, and he really wants to stop writing poetry. I'll I'll these the port Laurie. Al. By maybe what's write more poetry? Maybe hates poet. I'll check the newest the newest thing and also cliff Kingsbury who was fired from Texas Tech for going thirty five and forty during his stay in Lubbock is going to be the new head football coach for the cardinals of the NFL America, what a country cliff Kingsbury gets fired. He gets hired by USC. And the NFL comes a calling Arizona last in total offense passing and scoring this past season. So they want immediate help with the offense of guru. Johnny Manziel leader cliff Kingsbury, let's be clear he got fired and paid leave Lubbock. Yes. To get hired and paid to move to Phoenix. Well, I it was a stop in Los Angeles for a few months found a place to live in Los Angeles. He's out of Lubbock got fired in Lubbock and got paid. Yes. Hey to leave Lubbock two million bucks hired in Los Angeles. And then hired in Phoenix. Correct. America what a country for cliff Kingsbury from new braunfels, Texas, beautiful country. It is Jeff Ward and Ed Clements. Actor news three to seven on NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM..

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