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Grab a bottle Frisch out of prison. Grandfather and shit. Fuck is triple of holding over issue. Those may want to go. I just seven years you fuck you should have been the first one in there. I'm still in jail. Won't I'm looking like sharing. Then the inmate. Just let it in. Hey into the giraffe elephant in the headlines. Is good. Some of a liquor store get some liquor. Nobody. Back in jail, April. You can do it. And they've been there for you got a new I could make it. But believe we hit one. We haven't gotten the answer. But what do you ladies feel that may be stripping thirty thirty five old? I think. No because is coming now to Miami and stripping play yours twenty now with saying. Yeah. And unite you got all the young axe college kids, don't ask experience who are still got old of crowds that they might for you got those girls that also come from those little countries that they think that they look young because they're young, but they. Strong area the parental really calling out the Peruvian. So, but if looks like she's in her late twenties, but she's reaching her fourteen or seen any that's completely acceptable. As to why style she wants to leave your if you're forty years old, and you look like your damn near sixty five. Yeah. Are you get life suction, and you too much demigods low working like on the side of that on the side of that logic where good I understand him. Honey. They need to all have like auditions. 'cause I worked. Editions what they usually always puck and higher you afterward. Yeah. Hiring menus. Okay. The graduate know who gets okay. No. To deter you. Go in there and there later this. Yeah. And there's another house seen. I've seen a lot of hair them. The mobile ads. She already go into Trey me. What are you doing? You'll get a hassle longer. One time to stand out even fucking move all the pool like this like an arm and a scientist. I've eaten a steak enclaves doing the econ- stay Isla, super hungry and hate them twenty dollars. I was like dopamine onstage twenty dollars. They've amass onstage such as I sat crisscross L sauce. Aim fucking snake sexy? Fuck no, really, I hate that shit. Like, I was hungry because I was. Zoo's watching us from trying to did they throw money at you know, what this came in. And they got like five hundred again. Really on the ball. Was it her pure eating pizza on the pole? Yes. Is it the same when she had with the hurry? Oh, wait. So you ate a pizza put that you do it to eat it sexy at least now, but I was dancing while the desert. Did you get in your? Yes, I did because that is phenomenal. I would've took the girl seven. Hey, how often people just go up on stage and eat managers are like you didn't go on stage right now. And they're like half the girls tip out to go on stage in they're eating and I make them on stage. Yeah. But right now in Texas. There's this thing they're doing like this lawsuit. And it's supposed to be like like cattle. It's like, we're however, many hours you worked, but they're like cutting us out of via tip, outs and stuff. They're trying to get like in a tax return for dancers. So like, we get all the money that they made about back for hours. You have with still like as far like everybody else. Yeah. They're digs Marie. They think themselves legal for you. Go to what fuck and you can have you can have you can have. Like. Be able to do that while they're really around having..

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