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That is always going to be worth of origin and that is masterworks in our masterworks dot. Io go check them out right now okay. So who exactly rolled out this idiotic idea who actually did this well. It turns out that the person who rolled this out is a person named joe walker. Joe walker tweeted out over. The weekend is nate silver. Like this makes no sense. This is kind of crazy what you're doing right now and then trended because the woke control twitter i mean twitter is just the the mob accuracy that controls twitter is the woke so nate. Silver is like these standards make no sense of basically on one side you rational liberals like mad iglesias and nate silver. Who were like this is crazy. You're gonna get more people killed and significant tens of thousands of more people killed with these standards and on the other side. You had the wilkes who like yet but you know what that's racially. Just because more white people died. And so who actually mocked up so this person named joe walker tweeted hates over on the epidemic epidemiologist. Who did this analysis. The slide show assumes a disease blocking vaccine which still allows the virus to infect and spread differences in strategy are much smaller than if you assume vaccine can also prevent infection and transmission. Okay but that's not the point. Who exactly is joe. Walker joe walker is a cdc infectious disease epidemiologist and modeling. Can also nonbinary trans they and then in the profile for this person is the trans flag and then it has festively defunding. The police festively era guys. It's it's it's the is the most radical taw mov the year festively just from the police that people get killed. Do it festively. Make sure that you put some bells on when you do it. So that is That is pretty incredible. Okay plus you had people suggesting that we should actually value pre existing conditions overage even though that is not what the statistics tend to show so zoe mclaren tweeted this out so mcclintock. Non white people die from covid nineteen much more often than white people of the same age prioritizing. Those with pre existing conditions is one way to help redress racial inequalities without explicitly. Prioritizing my race is not indefensible. just don't understand. No no no no we understand. Also it also happens not to be true right as i mentioned earlier. That new york times piece focuses in on the fact that if you are black or hispanic or white you're dying of essentially the same rates is just the black and hispanic people are getting this more often. Okay so over the weekend the cdc then revised its standards yasha monk again no one sided thus far on the shows right winger one on this last week fairly early last week but the blue the kind of typical moderate liberals picked up and they ran with it and good for them he yasha monk he said some good news thanks to massive justify public criticism. The cdc is making adjustments to the recommendations americans over seventy five should now get the vaccine alongside essential frontline workers that is an improvement but it doesn't solve many of the concerns first of all. They shouldn't get it as well. Alongside frontline essential workers that she get it before frontline. Essential workers again if you're a twenty year old working in a grocery store that's crazy. That's especially crazy when you look at who is considered an essential frontline worker as josh barrow. Points out here is who is considered a frontline. Essential workers ready first responders like firefighters and police. Teachers teachers teachers are not uniquely vulnerable to this virus. They're not. I'm unaware in the united states of any teacher who has died after being infected at school if there are one if there is one name them okay seriously because we saw a lot of stories over the summer about teachers dying it turns out. They've been infected elsewhere so teachers like if choice between t thirty five year old teacher and seventy five year old grandma in a nursing home. That is not a hard choice but it is for the cdc because our public health experts are not public health. Experts they are. They're apparently politically driven idiots. Moral idiots who else is a frontline. Essential worker food and agriculture manufacturing. See work in a factory and now we are treating you as the you're eighty five years old and you have three preexisting conditions corrections workers. Us postal service workers. Okay if you're used postal service worker. First of all i mean i love her male guy but he's literally just taking packages and then dropping them off on the front stoop now. There's not a lot of face to face. Contact public transit workers and grocery store worker. So we are. There are thirty million of those people can give thirty million doses to those people as opposed to people who are significantly more vulnerable by the way other essential workers who will also be prioritized as this thing rolls out include people in finance it and communication energy media and legal. Okay i should not be prioritized. In the vaccine line and thirty six year olds the thirty six years old. Thank god how they by the way. My wife should not be prioritized in the vaccine line. She's thirty three years old and she is in excellent health and also she happens not to be working with covid patients right now. Doing this by industry is also idiotic doing it by pre existing condition and age age priority being the priority because it's an easier stanton than multiple pre existing conditions. That is obviously the answer. But i mean come on come on the standards are still not good anyway. Yasha monk continues in particular. The cdc's data still suggests americans aged sixty five or seventy four are much more likely to die from covid than younger. Frontline workers so of course. This action will likely still cause. Needless additional deaths. How many this is where things get really worrying in the original cdc presentation kathleen dueling admitted that prioritizing all essential workers would likely increase overall debts by between point. Five percents and six point five percents. She then called the additional deaths of thousands of americans a quote unquote minimal difference. That is the difference. Point five percent in six point five percent. Are you kidding..

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