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Came out in support of equal opportunity for everybody. And by the way, by today's standards raised eight billion dollars for the war effort having said all of that she's out now, that's it. We're judging Kate Smith by nineteen by by by twenty nineteenth standards when she sang a song eighty years ago. But where are you on this? Well, I think it's all Kate. Smith was Smith was the first person to sing the song. That are Berlin wrote. Right. She's saying it on the radio to the morale of American troops in the American calls in the war. I agree with you. There are probably better singer. You play it better on your maybe. Thank you. But here we are situation. Nature reaction. Somebody out there in America says I'm offended. I'm offended and because they're offended or face Seder offended. We have these different ball clubs and other organizations making a decision to so person won't be be offended. I think it's a big mistake and Kate Smith. God bless her. God bless America. I think it was a mistake on the part of the Yankees. But it's because somebody has a I'm offended when people say, they're offended. You have to react you have to do something about it. That's what our current philosophy on political correctness is Ted the name of the team is the Yankees. I'm guessing a lot of southern don't don't like that name shouldn't they change their name, by the way, the Yankees didn't employ a black player till nineteen fifty. So as a racist organization from nineteen o three to nineteen fifty shouldn't they be banned from ever playing baseball again. I mean, it's kind of where we're actually judging people and organizations and icons by two thousand nineteen standards. When when they they are a big part of our history. We can't just get rid of history. Can we? I think it's a mistake to try to rewrite history and try to forget history. We are who we are. And times had changed equals attitudes have changed, and that's a good thing. But to to have a knee jerk reaction at finds something somebody's passing. So you did this and eighty years ago and the country now no longer wants to have anything to do with your singing or anything else? I think is a big mistake. I gotta had on more often because he's just great. He's commonsense. He's logic direct. And he's the man so we'll do Fridays with Paul more often on the Joe pags show Monday through Friday. And of course, it here on the weekend as well. When we do it right here at the weekend with joepags, your thoughts. One eight hundred five zero one seventy eighty joepags dot com. Stay right here. Then..

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