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Has been at the center of jersey, politics and governor Murphy's term in office who hired Alvarez. He's now he's a now former government official accused of but not charged with sexually assaulting a campaign worker Katie Brennan Alvarez denied wrongdoing, but a slew of hearings into the matter. Let them more confusion and red flags about the situation. Tomorrow in a potential watershed moment for the Murphy administration Alvarez is scheduled to testify in front of that legislative committee investigating the case. No matter what the issue were argument. These days is jersey Democrats are getting most if not all the attention while Republicans are relegated to the sidelines. Patrick Murray of Monmouth university's polling institute says one major problem is the jersey GOP really doesn't have a leader orders goes back to the Christie years Christie did not help build a form team for the Republicans. Are they really not? Any stars out there? He adds another reason Republicans are struggling is. Because there are almost a million more registered Democrats in jersey and the GOP candidates face an uphill battle because Donald Trump's popularity level. Here's a story that makes you realize you just when you thought you've heard it all you really haven't. If you ever wanted to kick back and have a beer with your dog. Now, you can a Houston. Couple has launched a new line of beer made especially for your friend. Production of the beer called good boy dog began last August, so far three types of their beers out on the market IP a lot in the yard mailman, malt, liquor and squirreled session. The dog beer is non alcoholic and typically made from pork chicken or vegetables beer, made from pork chicken or vegetables. I that what you have a beer with usually no barley or any hops or anything in this office. Oh boiling. Matthew white. Download our free app to listen live anywhere. Get instant, New Jersey news weather. From New Jersey one zero one point five New Jersey.

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