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Get to the knee he get option because he could be targeted so often it maybe once or twice in the red zone yeah it makes sense that the offense there would rely on the one nine you know considering v forty nine ers quarterback position likely to make ugo who in the nfl so far during the course of this young sees and cj bathour come on down through new hawkeye stand up all right tight end for weeks seven hanbo alike hunter henry get the broncos the easiest pin number eleven tight end the broncos were 1116 fed if he points per game plan ends its that both in the nfl he generally get path deepened the receiver even have seventy yards against the rockets in a game that they that a too tight end jay through an agrement ingram had a really good week last week if you recall this is the one area the broncos defense the fed if the owners could exploit it always seems very they're always seems to be some rain call a lot of great defense is like the the seahawks defense i think i remember a couple of years ago actually weirdly giving up a lot of yards too tight end that one more structurally by hunter henry to seems to and i understand this is an offense that was going to alltime great antonio gate there with a ton of cash a builtin with philip rivers their quarterback already but after what we saw of him to all the potential last year and the ability still displays it's sort of bill mazen that hunger henry is sort of seemed underutilised so far the here with antonio finally packed that both the hunter henry really be able to establish himself at a like a a a high a big very legitimate prospect a theme during the athletic runs wealthy that that kurtz kind of model applied and that is so athletically convert from the flight or through the.

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