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Thank you for that the walk of music you better start to deal with it because this is happening this is happening this year at oracle park every three innings I put a call into a ball maybe every two or maybe we'll try to get him on at some point okay I did you went through his agent I did go through his agent as agent as a friend of a friend and he's a former China all rights are gonna be fears with you for going around them like that get out of the shop floor just text giants I could yes yeah well your deal with them don't you know that you got this call Farrakhan's a far Hon yeah what do you think his farm what's Wilmer talks of offense this was by the way far hunts first multi year contract as general manager of the giants I think what it means is not so much about Wilmer I think they're gonna be a bunch of guys playing different roles than people think they're gonna play this year like I think a lot of your old favorites are not getting the hundred fifty hundred and forty hundred and ten games you think they're going to get this you're not going to get a chance to figure it out against left handed pitching nope and more is there to mine is not your second baseman now is your center field is a center fielder now so having the old mercy inches Almer sense makes no more into Wilmer I think well I guess I am pounds pounds put this out there I think is right I think Wilmer is gonna play out to first base I don't think branded a letter D. how many balls in the face that left dozens yeah that's exactly what numbers you saw those if floor as split slash your three thirty seven against lefties with a three sixty seven on base those are good numbers have to get off into player if you can if you can convince belt sit it out against left why you have to consider but have to convince him well I'm just saying he's a veteran on the scene this seems a bad office of team is the other guy said to me it's all lefties are gonna play maybe left field we'll see we'll hear you I don't think he'll be in the lineup playing first base are going to be in the line of nearly as much and and rod it's your point like if you go find your the light up if you don't I don't care how much you may date today's events it has to figure it out the bad left when Bruce spoke to walk out the door in the rap they have a lot of declining that's the vets on this team yeah they really do Crawford I hate to say it Posey hate to say it long gory a belt you know all these guys are sort of big contract guys whose numbers have declined hopefully you know maybe they can reverse that trend giants are kind of setting up what football teams do which is very purposefully create competition Pete Carroll did this for years like he will he will and and in fact this is how Patrick my homes became the quarterback of the chiefs you notice that Alex Smith for years as Mister Duncan document dropped out from homesick Alex Smith came out star how can the ball all over the yard that was the point like we have to create some angst in there the giants are doing the exact same thing with those infielder competition is always a good thing up yeah yeah yeah sell I can tell you're excited by this Leri I am excited user alright this team was anemic as hell it was hard to watch and now they got a couple guys again here you want to take the over it is still sixty are all I don't know this mother's yeah yeah we'll see you don't want to take the over give it time we'll give it time all right all right to discuss further with iPhone all right Tom you have anything you want to add or yeah okay I'm good okay all right good stuff teacher big coming up next on the these sports leader very nice view kind gentleman to let let everybody hear this on.

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