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And welcome back to Phil's gang going back to Kramer stock remember I love that but what do we have I think the stock is bottom but I don't think it's a so you talk about the future how does she know about the future I don't know about the future you don't know about the future and we dug JP Morgan up you check in the motion but here's what we do know about this stock through my color coded chart is identified for me that on January twenty third institution pulled the plug and it dropped she should have been shorting it making money on the way down or at least she should have been out now she's asked last night about this stuff he should stay in but look if you go to my site if you have a mobile device on my site you see it now let's compare I got my membership we are now following every two color coded chart with the stock called S. T. O. R. okay S. T. O. R. in its turn green it turned green on January twenty second it's been read it's been read since December six just turn green shutting up beautifully setting up beautifully and I got my members ready.

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