Michigan, Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders discussed on Chad Benson


Rocks concert yesterday and Michigan because you guys don't know what Michigan is a state that's a battleground state and Michigan has a football team not a very good one they're called the Detroit Lions at the Detroit Lions most famous player was a guy by the name of Barry Sanders yes sticking with me here all right Barry Sanders trump magna Michigan country music get where I'm going with this famous player very sad Garth post a picture of himself with the Jersey that says Sanders people online being absolutely moronic and stupid showing their stupidity freaked out because they thought he supported Bernie Sanders so well there is a B. in both their first names one of them was arguably the greatest running back in the history of the NFL the other one is a seventy eight year old socialist but they happen to share the last name Sanders people lost their minds it shows you how easy it is in this day and age two absolutely spread false stuff to do things like that because people are so stupid that they will believe anything it.

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