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Max has an expansive superhero collection to feed your phantom. Greg miller stoped of course the got wonder woman they got. Justice league star ruled that woman. Hbo shas suicide squad. The list goes on of course plus the streaming platform lets you download your favorite titles and take them with you on the go. All the digital collections handpicked by humans not robots personally. I've been enjoying a whole bunch of different things Over on hbo. I love all the releases we know. We got the matrix now coming out in december. That's really exciting. Forgot malignant. I'm about to watch that this weekend. Got some of the best superhero continents. So much more. Only on hbo max streaming today by going to h. b. o. dot accent slash kind of funny. Dc that's h. b. o. n. dot acs slash kinda funny d c next up shout out to rooster teeth last laugh season two. I was a huge fan of season one. Mainly because my alfredo was in it season two can't wait for it. Here's the whole pitch for. Do not laugh. it's part game. Show part social experiment. Hundred percent evil laugh challenge spectacular last laugh returns for a second season with twelve. Contestants gathered for six hours to see who literally laughs last if they laugh smile or smirk. There eliminated prevented from dethroning season. One champion the homie blaine gibson. The host of the show jeff ramsey the lease will so that's super awesome. They have a new collection of surprises. But will be enough to break the contestants. We'll have to find out Last last season to debut. September ninth on rooster teeth but you can catch up on all of the season one right now. One and the final story on the docket for today is a quick. Because i know that this is something that specifically blessing is keen to hear. Know that many kind of funny best friends who still have the hall of the child or i in fact children will be glad to hear as nickelodeon all stars broil from firms and october. Release date So it's coming out on october fifth of this year Headed to shop Is going to weigh in at two point nine gigabytes and feel good about that way. He two point nine. Gigabytes of nickelodeon smash probes cloning. I'm so excited for this. I know people hate on it because they're not expecting greatness which is fair. you shouldn't expect greatness but there's a lot of promising things to this to this game right. When you look at the the roster i think is exciting the developer. That's working on. It has a history of making pretty beasant smash clones and if this indecent smash featuring nickelodeon characters i'm down for it like i'll play this For at least a day. I'm fine with having a day of fun with this thing. If not more. If i can get my friends into this then maybe that day turns into a week right like that is the hope that the game is good enough that i can convince. Bear it and other folks. So happy with me online. And i'm squaring up right. I'm picking. He's been cat dog and we're having a good time that that is the whole for me. I hope i it's decent oba's good by the way i'm looking forward to it because again what they've shown there have been. The funny thing is with the roll out to this. They've been doing exclusives with other outlets. And so like. I think i had an exclusive like game Reveal specific mechanic or whatever and the things that they're showing offer actually pretty impressive like they've shown they've off wave dashing. They've shown off certain mechanics. That like may smashed. Malay players are going to look at and go. Oh that's pretty cool. I was pretty wild that this has this like you. Know maybe the can be fantastic. As opposed to other smash games literally smash. I'm looking forward to it. I'm very excited for the october. Fifth released eight and you take a look at the blessing. Superfund games released calendar to see if that is a busy time because that strikes me as a time that might have other games coming out. But until then like i'm i'm vibrant i'm loving. This will blessing our pledge. At least a week of playtime to it. i'll let you and then you've got Until october fifth to convince a few others. October is pretty far away. And say you do have a lot of time but blessing. If i wanted to know. What's coming to mama grupp shops today. Where would i look you. Go to the official of they'll coming software across each and every platform as listed by the kind of funny games daily show hosts each and every weekday. Keep an type today. We've got a few games coming out eastwood baby. Sr that last night is it any good. Yeah it's pretty cool. I have not gone far enough to say whether it's like you know a great game or not but the i love the are style. I i did a few of the combat sequences. Those are really fun and it has. I love the energy in the setting of it because it has kind of an earthbound compare every marathon. If you like like it does have kind of an earthbound like tone to it in terms of it being Set and more of a i was gonna say. Modern modern is the way to put it because earthbound takes place in the city. This is more of a post-apocalyptic wasteland situation but it's not like a fantasy or a. Pg right like this has more of a unique vibe to it and it has that but also it seems like it is it is the energy and writing of something like an earthbound mixed with the combat and gameplay of something like zelda and you know that really speaks to me in terms of in terms of setup so like so far. I'm i'm enjoying it. yeah. I'm excited to check out. And if you want to check out you can check it out on nintendo switch windows. Pc is out today..

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