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Strip. It says more than 400 buildings have been destroyed or badly damaged, including six hospitals. Simon Oh, in Fox News Research shows the melting of the Greenland ice sheet. Maybe it a point of no return. That is. Once the ice sheet shrinks enough and height. Nothing could prevent the ice from melting faster. The study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, detected warning signs of a vicious cycle. It happens like this. A surge and melting reduces the height of the ice sheet, which in turn exposes it toe warmer air, which causes more milk. Thing. Scientists say their findings underscore the need to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Now Carmen Roberts Fox New checking your money. The Dow futures up 97 points. The NASDAQ futures up 90 in sport sponsored by Smart Mouth, the Capital's fallen over time to the ruins, 4 to 3, their first round playoff series. Now tied at one, the Nationals fall to the Cubs. 73 of next traffic and weather is mornings on the mall continues on one Oh 5.9 FM W M A L. There is nothing that will scare your hot date away faster than bad breath. Luckily, smart mouth mouthwash has got your back for 24 full hours with two rented the day Smart mouth is available anywhere. Mouthwashes hold still pick up a bottle today or visit smart mouth dot com to learn more. Simplify your dinner prep at whole Foods market Get responsibly farm to previously frozen cooked shrimp for 14 99 a pound through May 18 plus an extra 10% off for prime members, while supplies last learn more on the whole foods market app. It's Vince colonies.

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