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Colorado's morning news. The Broncos heading into their bye week with a disappointing three and six record. Does. That mean any major changes during the bye. But this point, Tom. We're going to stay the course. And I think that you know, there's, you know, I think there's enough good things going on as far as us and the way that we're playing again, we talked about last week with the consistency. And so, you know, obviously, you know, you'd love to have magic wand and wave then throw the ferry dust on this thing and have some good things happen and get us over the hump. Nets Broncos GM. John Elway in after the bye. They're heading out on the road to face the LA chargers and Broncos head coach. Vance Joseph is on the live live sponsored by Ameristar casino resort spa. Blackhawks step up your game. Coach, I know your professional and you just grind it out. But, but knowing at least that John Elway said, hey, man, we continue on we continue moving forward. At least it's got allow you to focus on the actual game plan is opposed to I guess dealing with questions about whether or not your future with the Broncos moving forward. I'll tell you what John Denver supporter for the last two seasons. So I'm not surprised. He's a he's a remained supportive for a football team. I mean, we're working we're working hard trying to trying to finish games better. But the bottom line is we have to win. You know, that's what it comes down to. And it's no moral Vickers in this league. It's a hard league. It's really the same every week. You know, and I'm proud of our guys were playing, but we do have to win games part of a bye week. I guess the purpose would beat arrest and other part would be to refocus on reset for the second half. What are your plans for the by those plans different for players? Our players are going to work today. We've work Monday Tuesday now Wednesday, they're going to take some time this weekend and kinda just get their bodies back right and reflect on the first part of the season and comeback here. Fresh ready to go win some games as far as my time. I'm gonna work. You know, I it's it's the season for me. So I won't take much time. When I'm to work probably today high end of the week and take the weekend and spend some time with my family because know, I don't I don't I don't see those guys much. So, but I'm gonna I'm gonna work some in all. And do some family time this weekend coach on top of the loss on Sunday. You ended up losing Matt Paradis for the rest of the season. You're shuffling around on the offense line. How tough is it to try to replace the guy like Paradis? Well, it's impossible to replace mad because his his his his football IQ is so high along with leadership. I mean, it's it's I'm replaceable. But we do have guys that we feel good about in Connemara governess as a the next center in ally. Wilkinson is the next Gordon what Billy Turner. So we've got some capable guys. Obviously when you lose starters, you know, we lost Leary when you lose starters. It's not the same. But we do have guys capable. And I think offense align plays really about playing together. And you know, our our our line had been impressive. They're world coaching. They're tough guy. So. It's it's it won't be the same. But I'm assuming we'll have the same successful in the football and not taking care to quarterback coach. I know you always can find ways to improve at looking at the first half of the season. And since you have a moment to reflect what is it the one or maybe two things you guys need to do better. That will help you have a better second half. I tell you I told our team nece on on Monday morning. I think we have to get off to better starting game. So so we could control games more and allow our defense which is one of our team to to help us finish game. I think you know, every every game that we've been in besides one game. You know, we've been in even game or we've been trailing. So it's tough to implement our defensive our defensive mindset. We're in even games when we get a lead like we did against Zona. We can really allow does pass rushes to rush in our defensive backs to take the ball away. So I think we have to get off to a better start. Even even your watch the game on Sunday. The first drive. They go down and score and our first quarter and a half we have one first down. But at the end of the game were right there. Our team we have a resilient group and they play hard. But I think we have to do a better job coaching early in playing early to get off to a better start. So we could control somebody's game. So we're not always chasing. We can play from a head start fast but also produce in the red zone. How do you turn up the heat and those last twenty yards trying to get into the end zone. That's the hardest part of the field of score guys. Because the field shrinks so obviously play calling and guys making plays is critical. You know? So you have to have a great plan, and you have to have guys making plays continue to run the football. Because most most defenses want to hold you to three points. They really Gordon the goal line. So we have to do a better job of having some concept where we can push the ball into the endzone running a football or passing. But that's the toughest part of Philo score. We understand that. But we have to get better at it got seven games left coach. What's the message to the team here? As you go forward. You got to win them. All if you wanna make the playoffs. But how do you reevaluate your goal? I think you know, our our our team has a take it one day at a time. Honestly, you know, we have seven games to go. We understand that. But it's really one day at a time in one game at a time. So we want to get back to focusing and winning each day and taking each game one at a time ended season. We'll see where we are. But we can't look at it seven games out. It's got to be one game at a time plan our best football. We can't each week. The team we're gonna play next week. If one five games may be six when we play them. So we're playing good football teams. And that's the way we really like it because we want to prove that we're a good football team playing. The best always helps. So we have to take one day at a time get better and better each day and take one game at a time. And then at the end, we'll see where we are coach enjoy the by we thank you for your time. Thank you guys for having me Allred head coach Vance Joseph Broncos again, they're on the BI week next game November eighteenth on the road against L A chargers. Seventeen Colorado's.

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