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That. I was driving a motor boat when I was like fourteen or something on my own like at night on a lake. Eighty five eighty five outboard Johnson Steven. Nine hundred seventy nine that was a big motor. Friends and I used to cruise around the I would I would never let my kids do that. Did. You ever light at least? Your your boat was lit up you know we knew the lake like the back of her hand and stuff like that. But just. I remember. When my dad so when my dad was speaker, so nine hundred, seventy, four, we lived in. Sudbury. When he when he got appointed speaker, we moved to Ottawa. Okay. Nineteen seventy four, which is great nine from the start high school but we went back to Sudbury every summer. Okay and we they've dad ended up buying a place on the lake there was cool. And not only in the summers but we'd go back on long weekends. We'd whip up all the time like on Thanksgiving or Easter stuff like that and. So they these these trips and my dad was always So busy trying to cram and he's a great family guy trying to cram in all the family stuff. And I remember he was we had to be like he he hated going back to work all the time but he Mean loved his job but he had to get back and but he he loved being up in Sudbury relaxing with family because it was so rare for him. and. So often Steve, we would get up at four five instead of driving back on the Monday. Okay. Like the holiday Monday back to Ottawa. You went up on Thursday. Friday we get up at like four in the morning on Tuesday. Okay and drive. It's a six hour drive. I was fourteen Steve Okay now my dad criminal lawyer judge. STURT STARTS TO GET A little tired Steve Okay as we're driving along its highways seventeen. Is. Ottawa. Pulled over and goes. How would you drive sun for Awhile I'm a little because we gotta keep moving. Okay. Okay. Stevie fourteen I.

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