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Mean certainly flies in the face of the president. You know, tweeted out when he came back, there's no more nuclear threat from North Korea. I mean, you report the North Korea's stockpile of enriched uranium could be substantially higher than we think this is really important as well Anderson because we've always known about one vicinity. We've been able to actually go inside of it. American scientists visited this place called Yongbyon few years ago, but we had suspicions at the time, there were other sites and now know of at least one other one. It's a big one that's been working for at least ten years. And that means that the stockpile of enriched uranium is probably much bigger than we than we knew. Even if you months ago, it's incredible reporting a Jobe work. Thank you so much. Really appreciate it. Also, I want to urge everybody Jovis wrote a book that I read a couple years ago, I think is one of the best books I've ever read. Certainly about ISIS. It's called a black flags. It's all about the rise of ISIS, the history al-qaeda. It's really an extraordinary extrordinary book. I recommend everyone get it by for for back to North Korea, the new developments jobs are that. Toby's reporting on do not necessarily come as surprise to people know the country and its behaviour over the years. It might however come as a surprise to the president who has gone out of his way to praise Mr Kim. He's got a great personality. He is very talented. He's a, you know, funny guy very talented loves his people. He loves his country. He was really very gracious. He's a very smart guy. We've had a really great term together. Great relationship as a great negotiator. I think that he really wants to do a great job for North Korean wants to do what's right. He trusts me, I believe I really do. We got along right from the beginning. I think he liked me and I like him. People a very worthy earth. She had a terrific did. So is the president reassessing his views, no sign of it so far. Still plenty to talk about joining us now seen in global affairs analyst max boot and CNN military analysts retired army. Lieutenant General, Mark hurtling should max. This come as any surprise to anybody who has, you know, followed the history of North Korea and the United States and efforts said peace between the two countries entirely expected everyone Anderson other than Donald Trump himself. I mean, I think he's about the only person in the world and probably the only person in his own administration who actually thinks that is a result of the Singapore summit. The North Koreans were truly planning to give up their nuclear weapons, which they did not commit to all they said was, we will work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, which means something very different for Kim Jong. That means for Donald Trump, but Donald Trump has been trying to convince the world that this was a stupendous deal. The problem is solved. There's no more nuclear threat and the intelligence consistently contradicts those rosy assessments general. I mean the the realities, North Koreans. As maximum. They agreed to nothing as far as we know. So the fact they're continuing to build these missiles. It's not even necessarily like they're breaking some agreement with the US because there's nothing really specifically written down. They're not Anderson and maximum. On the same page, we're talking about a dynasty that Kim dynasty that has been in place for three generations, grandfather father, and now Kim Jong UN. You're not going to change their strategic approach in a morning session at a summit in Singapore. All of us who have been skeptical about this from the very beginning and anyone who has served on the Korean peninsula knows that this just isn't the way it works in the real world when you're dealing with Kim Jong Hoon he is not a good guy. He is not a charismatic leader. He is a vicious dictator who kills his own people, and he depends on these nuclear weapons as he's been building them for the last several years to give him power and to give him strength and to have other people fear him. Yeah. This is not a surprise to anyone that knows this regime. The post quoted a nonproliferation expert. I want to make sure I get it right. He says that the US has this backwards North Korea's not negotiating to give up their weapons. They're negotiating for recognition of their nuclear weapons, which is a completely different thing..

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