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The other windows developer windows designer feel about that i mean so i just always been more comfortable using windows i have used you know max before i mean certainly i think everyone of a certain age is probably used the apple two e and even when i was in high school we had like power max i think or macintoshes but once i got into college i just switched over to windows and at that was that i mean for me it's just been a more comfortable environment to work in i wish that there wasn't this weird stupid division that i think parts of designed community put up between windows am mac as it relates to the tools that we use i hate that it's gotten divisive to that point where mac users have these special designed tools at only they use that they're trying to sort of make industry standard but it can't become industry standard if windows users can't use them yes i'm talking about sketch i don't like that kind of sort of weird division with with kind of the way the design tools are right now but i don't think being a designer and being on a mac are are like requirements you know i think it's that way because perhaps i think it's more of an used that word aesthetic again i feel like it's another kind of steady choice people think that you know max just look better they you know render the fonts better what have you maybe the tools are better etc blah blah blah but i mean at the end of the day you know as a designer it's it doesn't really the tools that you use i think are not important you know if you're on a mac or on windows if you can design you can design so i don't like the fact that the tools are kind of furthering this weird separation when it's it's sort of standing in the way of having designers create that's my feel at least i think the idea of the aesthetic with a sense of like i bought into this ecosystem like i mean i'm team i phone because i i actually approve of the aesthetic but you know it just it feels like my space it feels like my place and presumably use windows in use windows because we also feel like that but then you feel like well but now this tool i wanna use isn't available to me on this platform so what do you do when the app you want is on the other platform but that doesn't feel like home you know i'm not all window so like my main my main computer and my work laptop or windows but i also have a ipad mini that's mounted to my desk i'm looking at it right now and i have ipad pro so there are some things that i will still kind of use the mac ecosystem for now granted i don't i mean i don't think sketches no it's not available for ipad pro so there are some things that i still would not be able to use because there's a difference between you know mac os and i o s so i mean tool wise i don't know the only issue i really run up against is sketch i found that there are there's always going to be a crafty developer mike create a windows version of a mac only trauma tool hasn't really happened with sketch it i guess you could call adobe x d that but i don't use that either so it's like a creative cloud person i emigrated cloud person i am mostly these days in photoshop illustrator in design and premier and a little bit of after effects yeah and audition of course for for audio yeah exactly myself as well i got the getting the creative cloud subscription has been super useful actually i like the way that everything's moving to subscriptions like this i know some people don't dig it but back in the day i didn't have five hundred dollars to buy word or five hundred dollars buy photoshop but i can probably swing nineteen ninetyfive and yeah for me my job.

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