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Doing nothing stopping roll night taking a cucumber out cuban. Don't get people say to me. It's ninety percent water filter new sandwich only ninety percent now. I wouldn't accept payments. Oliver pins but get it the fuck my sandwich if it was if it was an emergency. Would you eat mentioned over mood. Ac- that would mean on a tweet cucumber. Okay well saying you're the ukrainian president putin calls and says he's going to annex crimea and we play a cucumber. What's your own thinks already been doesn't accept what you'd say it's going to eating cucumber. Able the train. What gauguin do you know what tom trainees. Ten past that was better. She fuck off your a bomb dasa sued onto bum dasa I've got a couple of she good First of all this is from actually from komo's from our holiday as walking down the road with My niece and mom and she said look at these babies at made they look at him just lying down in the prime being push pushed. I won't an adult pram and the mom said ability scuba neurons. No no. I don't want i want one lie down in and get pushed around him. Yes she's a fifteen year old. She'd never done a day's work in a life but she's going around the prize. Absolutely you've got some of those. I don't be similar. it's coming together isn't it. Yeah she's a candidate she's the kind that you yes but the other one was just eat jack up up changed the names to protect the guilty even just eats. It could be another food organization. Anyway am telling me that he figured out If he does a delivery he gets like twenty five p extra into his money of who is this guy called jack who might or might not work for justice. Okay deliver delivery. Yeah okay yeah figuring out get twenty five extra for delivery so as opposed to not living. Yeah yeah so. He's you know he gets an hourly wage and you got a little bit by say out. Anyway yeah twenty. Five page reconcile would probably university want the hourly wage. I wanna ask him now but wait started game. So we tennessee's he sits on these phone in a phone coverage blacks bolt his entire shift. Does michael come on. Jack was every name. And whoever you for that's gotta be it made. When i had a job testing driving around testing mobile phone sickness. Highgate was always the place we wanted to go with. Great is that right. Yeah tonight so beneath guy you know behind the hills so there's a tip you for free y- yeah process is pretty good as you remember inside. That's right welcome to belgium. I got to broad stairs. Okay i'm gonna give it to jack. Jack jack your a bomb dasa time is it is it does say is not come off the social media's scene that's what the kids call it a short say to the phrase comes from the kids take till or snapchat okay. I had a couple of one liners before we go. Yeah go on. Yeah there's one of from Fill one of mentioned before he put up a picture. If one of these mates trying to join with a screw and cool we took a non-sport read round. Andy max turns out eat. Don't own a corkscrew. Fuck me the mind bugles. He's on twitter. Feeds drink the ram believe yes and comes to the blood as well as yes he does. Yeah yeah. I haven't run into him yet and There's one from natasha hudson. That hodgson's that maybe he said i love men because i want to be famous but later they realized they just want to be left alone to paint a little models. Very good yeah what you go. How true. I saw. Hannah louise tweeted guy. Just cycled powers means shortage with a podcast about beaujolais nouveau on loudspeaker. Well and i thought that sounds like cycle. Yes he loves. He loves the bravely he cycles all over And also we're guilty as we did to put cost hans outwit guilty and then i found a threat about what it's like. Trying to be fashionable in ireland. Come back to our irish league. of course yeah Janki jane it was posted props to anyone who tries to be fashionable in ireland. I wore red berry once in waterford and someone called me. Super mario and it started others recollecting. Some function difficulties. Okay so record the first time they returned to connemara after starting uni and being slacked off wearing a scarf. As if i had notions i remembered someone saying in the pub. would you look at. Is these big job in dublin jacket. Philip nolan record. One of my colleagues had an ankle linked dark green surge greatcoat and when he burst through stores one day and other looked up and said what news of stalingrad damian street and records wearing a camouflage t shirt or the pub. Oh look said the bomb an floating head north report record late nineties in dublin. The bloat was walking towards me wearing a varsity jacket with a big one of those ones for yale. Allowed a lot behind him shouted out. Why a one ker and finally favorite and you cave recalls going out wearing a pink fake fur color jacket. one time. someone told us. She looked like she was being blocked. Good luck know fantastic. Well i think that's Always time for time around things listening and well enjoy your trip. John i said so just a quick reminder by the gig we go coming up in penn. Joe frantz On the evening. Friday the tenth of september esi twenty cycles though you.

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