Peterson, Philadelphia, Senator Jason Kelsea discussed on Ross Tucker Football Podcast


That than blocking two fairsky as for the eagles i guess my only point would there would be i don't think this is the end of the world that they lost right can develop on you know peterson was the one calling the place but if you think it means nothing you're equally israel both those guys are very impressive ember a big part of the collaborative effort in philadelphia with their game plans so i that's a loss for sure yes i see eagles news as well with an epic rant by senator jason kelsea the eagles super bowl parade back on thursday and some interesting comments from lane johnson on the eagles first patriots so right thought start with kelsea i hope a all of you get a chance to watch that video first of all he dressed up like a mumurs like a mumber for the parade which was hilarious he looked like aladdin he looked amazing and then he gave an impassioned speech is an emotional guy after the game often super bowl he got pretty emotional sitting up there just talking about how far they've come and winning the super bowl and all that so um yeah he get pretty emotional he also got pretty wasted during the parade cassiem chugging beers and stuff it was amazing hilarious he looked like he was having a great time but his speech was epics the good word for bri what's amazing about it is how many people in philadelphia like that guy's a legend in philadelphia forever because of that pretty did during the parade and the speech if he wants to get a job in the media in philadelphia he's done i mean he he could do that for the rest of his life he to let people were getting tattoos of him in his members outfit it's amazing like a lot of people auditing tattoos about that and then lean johnson talked about how he'd rather have fun with the eagles and win one super bowl then you know be miserable with the patriots and win five now i mean only two people have one five for one person i guess one player and that's brady right so most players are winning one or two or some three whatever but he talked about the patriots being a fearbased or.

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