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Admission hills for All five north down at the 1 18. There's a work zone 45 North found connector to 1 18 west is closed until noon. Okay, I find this guy help get you there Faster. Sauron crushed Plenty of sunshine in your weekend forecast. Next contractor's license. 10 47 7 81. The high temperature limit control isn't working The flame rollout sensors bad, a cracked heat exchanger and a faulty flew exhaust pressure sensor are super dangerous. This span limits sensor and flame proving sensor. We're both bad. We inspect all six safety components. Every time we do a gas furnace safety check, And if you've got electric heat, chances are you've gotta keep up, which is really just your air conditioner running backward. That means that never gets to rest runs forward all summer that runs backward all winter. That's like running the 29 Mile marathon, then running another one. Your system is gonna love you. If you call right now and schedule a system rejuvenation. It's the best $129 you'll ever spend and we'll give you a safety guard dog face mask and a flashlight. Joey TI TL. It'll keep you cool, but it's hard to spell from the ex URGENT temporal scanners. Thermometer Weather Center Mostly sunny and breezy for your Saturday highs in the low seventy's inland and along the coast low sixties for the high desert low fifties for the mountains overnight will be in the forties and slightly warmer tomorrow. We're in the seventies much of the next week, with highs, reaching 80 by Wednesday and Thursday right now, 49 Fountain Valley. 54 in Laguna Beach, 60 in Toluca Lake and 55 in Corona. We lead local life from the K F i.

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