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Can I say I just WanNa say that keen Daniel really crafted this night have really supported this space and the work that's happening in in this space in such an unbelievable way and these shows are so dumb and yet I I think this community that they've curated and this love of talking and discussing and connecting over this insanity is so it's actually so special and I just want to thank them for putting this together for doing this and I wish we could end on that but I have one more shout out to Katie with from Katie Witkin to her sister Melissa Happy Thirtieth Birthday from the Bravo Lee. Thank you all so making tonight. Steak who are girls that came in from Colorado. Yes who came in from Colorado care and there's a lot of people that flew in thank you all for being here Minnesota a Soda Montana Montana right here and then there was one other there you go. Did you get something Colorado you did Oh yes asu go. You guys. Thank you. Thank you to our guests you being here. Thank you to everyone who works. Thank you so much for tomorrow. Thank you to lose anything to Jenny for producing these great night into Ryan good night everyone he guys hope you enjoyed the episode. Thank you so much for listening Casey Meyer taking off the rest of August but we will. I'll be back in the fall with all new shows with the O._C.. With Dallas Atlanta's coming back so much to look forward to and so many great gas we yeah plan for you. I hope you have a great summer. Casey and I love you.

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