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Not bad i guess my actually addresses naismith drive so in in in fog allen fieldhouse so it's it's pretty it's pretty cool it's been a it's been a fun run certainly you know we kinda culminated i guess with with three final fours but but we gotta go punch the ticket now we're here we might as well go take care of business and you know we're certainly looking forward to it several weeks ago i was reading quotes view and you were talking about your team he went hey we're soft we're not playing the way i want us our executive producer danny is a kansas graduate and by the way when we had hugs on yesterday he called in and danny said hey coach thanks for taking time to danny where'd you go to school he said kansas he goes why that was your stake in a shot well a guy coming from west virginia exactly but when you look at your team what did you do was it a a moment is there something that crystalized where no i don't think so you know we we we've i don't know what we want i think it's like thirteen of our last fourteen and but after the loss of baylor you know we had this we had to get pretty hot so we strung together five in a row is you know the best competition and and and certainly 'cause our league was so good and and and got a little confidence there and then we then we were absolutely pitiful in stillwater and got our butts handed to us and then beginning to pick twelve tournament i mean we had some we had some pretty heartfelt talks and and for whatever reason it's like everybody's just giving a little bit more and guys are buying the and not that they weren't body of a but not to the extent they they are now guys are really buying into to winning as opposed to winning as long as it goes along with what i need to be doing it and we kind of put that aside you know results have been pretty good.

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