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But I assume that many people want to make change are able to make changes if you provide them with the right information, but more envisioning provided the tools. This is long before the government behavioral insights Doing it years ago, you know. You can help the economy things you can help along in the right direction and Of course, the nudge unit has become extremely fashionable, and it's been privatized, and it's still very close to the cabinet office, but how do politicians view your early excursions into opioid harm reduction? When initially I think people were because this is the time the Thatcher government and people thought that touches response to raise the drugs would be in a restall family values, and you should be doing these things. was problems hit cups a few months? That was pretty good to exception and I think that sound to Talbot who is a sexual health? The time in two questions educated in the need for how reduction and then we had an a decade or more of Judge Harm, reduction and Blair's government came in. It was Martin trucks and try, but in effect it was a continuation option because of the same. People, committing tribes, using drugs and getting money to take drugs, but if you get the message, and that's going to drop that harm reduction message continue so I think it was very well accepted in particularly months, many of public health status in became very inevitable. Drives harm reduction, and some of them became very. Wide Drug Policy. Reform me again this. How drugs that? I was who have to other areas of drug policy so brought in UK. Easy rider wasn't many apostles of we. Did it did it early and it was a public health success. We have very HIV. INFECTION AMONGST FAVORING CHECK TRIBES IN UK hundred cases. And steady many Austin votes, but thousands of new cases a year, so we did. President because it was why not it was. It was a sexist on a safer. Join US in way. Safe drug use mice gut in on the back of safe sex. transept so yeah. I think probably held did well then maybe not so much with tobacco. But. It is sad and I quite often say this. When I give lectures on the history of drug policy in Britain. The only time Margaret Thatcher changed, her mind was when confronted with the threat of the epidemic and the the need to instigate needle exchange that she was emotionally opposed to it being a conservative. Supposedly said and maybe you're in the room at the time that. The scientists said we had to do then we should do it. Is Truth in that I think? Also certain that many politicians became aware that. Age was their spectra boundaries, and they could see infections. Carrot in family is always that element of the posted experienced peasants has made it. Personal knowledge is sometimes as important as science. So in fact what you saw then Britain actually kind of leading the world in terms of applying what we might call rationality to the problem of harms from Dixie. Opiate drugs bringing in policies that would prevent the spread of infection, initially HIV more subsequently of course Hep, C. and the rest of the world but dignity. America sort of despising us or criticizing US and. Sometimes attacking us. And now we're seeing something rather similar Britain as I. See, it leads the world in terms of tobacco harm. Reduction Lee relation to vaping. Would you agree with that? Absolutely I mean you can't be the best place for anybody who wants to switch from smoke into..

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