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Thanks once more tomorrow Martin for joining us. This week on podcasts as always. We'll be back next Monday and every Monday so be sure to subscribe to the show where you're listening right now. What is happening in the column? You might be asking yourselves well Bruno. Mars is donated one billion dollars to the MGM Resorts Foundation Supporting MGM employees and financial hardship because of the corona virus pandemic. The Kirk Kerkorian. Estate has also added two million dollars and acting. Mgm RESORTS CEO and President. Bill porn buckle in his life. Wendy have pledged one hundred thousand dollars to the campaign. Mgm Resorts Foundations Employees Emergency Grant Fund and Children's Medical Support Fund assist MGM EMPLOYEES AND. Their families was short term assistance during unexpected hardships and emergencies. And we are in one right now. Cirque du Soleil has launched a digital hub cirque connect which you can find by clicking. Cirque DU SOLEIL DOT com slash sir connect or the hashtags connect on twitter that's Hashtag circuit. Connect cirque has cold existing footage for fans to access from home including the debut at noon. Friday an hour long special from Oh at Bellagio. And the international shows curios and Lucia. Las Vegas Singer songwriters. Sean I for minutes performing a series of Acoustic performances called the Vegas show. These are long concerts. Assist Las Vegas Musicians? Who HAVE LOST THEIR GIGS? Which is pretty much all of the conditions they go off at noon and eight PM. Galions are available at I for men's facebook. Page at Sean. I for men that's S. H. A. W. N. E. F. E. R. M. A. N. There is a gofundme we link also to support we write about Las Vegas Singer. Naomi Morrow in her husband. Gio were making between fifty and sixty lows of bread a day out of the Family Restaurant Pizza Monzo. Naomi has been a singer in town for years as a soloist. And also David Pre goes pop evolution orchestra. She and Gio saw the need for bread when they notice customers. Mobbing Las Vegas Grocery stores and read about a bunch of Las Vegas singers. Cutting a version of we are the world organized by former Chippendale singer Bryan Chan. The effort is posted on. Bryant's facebook page at B. R. Y. A. N. C. H. A. N. and include such performances. David Terry for magic. Mike live arena peril and an Martinez. Fantasy mark. Chinook and Cheryl era of the Space Stephanie Sanchez Mgm Resorts International. Jason Allen of Monday's Dark Brandon Knicks Val Witherspoon of friends. The musical already. Seen a Foley of Zoe Bowie Willie. Rc of David. Rico's pop streams and Savannah Smith of the Moon shiners. Check it out on Brian's facebook page and also in.

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