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Being catholic. Family being a good actor. Yeah well you wouldn't. I can see you getting one getting one show but one show. They would find out if you couldn't act. You keep getting stuff so you gotta be good. I got a few lended with brett butler. Put me on. That was a great time to retire. On process muncie causing and that was on that show every day for a year and the coaching that you know they provided they provided me with an active coach and That was a big hit. That was a big help too but you know i'm under no illusion that up some outstanding active good. You know if. I could this not too far removed from who i really am. I can pull it off. Yeah and i think a lot of people too especially maybe some of the younger kids in the nineties grace under fire. I mean that was must see tv. Everybody watch that. It was very strong for awhile. Man i i turned down a roseanne deal to do that. Damn well. it's not like it's not like it was a failure. You know it's funny. I i Jake johannesen who. is also from our generation. You know who i love. He apparently was offered the part of of george on seinfeld and But at that time castle rock said we're going to give you your own sitcom and it didn't make it but you can't look back man at least yours was a hit and i've enjoyed my way you know because i've done some that Don't know about that. we're not here in the game. Man you gotta go to minors to the majors have enjoyed the journeyman but you know a lot of comics comics to become something. It's a it's a fee for them but i'm stand up at heart. You know done eleventh album shows and and thirty. Five years. Old i know. Really what about the ankle ruckus character man. Because that's just too funny and when you get a character like that on on boondocks is that the kind of thing it's just it's just kind of mouth watering the way you can go with that right well. That kind of happened. Because budapest passed away was my best friend man and So was it was funny that we'd be together on the boondocks I enjoyed it personally at the show outrageous and And but i i do it it. I had a phone working with he and jolly lewis a friend of mine. Charlie murphy and i had a A gotta irony hollywood. And you know if you don't let you go crazy. It was funny to hear some of the coaches telling me how to pronounce. The know reminds me of Robert townsend on his show and hollywood. Shuffle was one of my favorite movies and speaking a spoon as letterman. Calm ever witherspoon. When he got married again dave letterman was his best man because they go back to the comedy store days and and they were. They were real tight. But what when when you saw like hollywood shuffle and they had like the the white guys trying to teach jive talk and all that i mean i think that movie should get more recognition areas. Man you know with the kind of what i talked about. You know. I talk about the social to ridiculousness. You know some of the things that we seem to care about. Then it's it's ridiculous to me and Generally oh stage As where i go man social sat so now when you were growing up your your dad man of the cloth right so did the especially faith of seventeen years and then he became afraid. You and i'm like hey man you know. I don't know about this like bad choice. What was what was your sport. Did you have growing up. I played baseball in later on. I went to the minors with detroit detroit. Wow that's pretty cool man hockey Hockey for years and Grade school and high school. I grew up as a acog wakes up. So yeah i can imagine you're probably a blue liner enforcer. Bacne right thank you know. Pretty good escape backwards. It then you know real the comedian you get the gordie howe hat trick a goal assist and a fight fighting but you know in in In in in small hockey minor league. I'm not saying minor league baseball. Could i have to say it. Non professional league hockey. You know you know. Fight like they do pros man. You can't afford dental work man. Doubt that some of them can't afford well. Let's talk about Before we let you go you got shows up there and It's really cool to buffalo's got a helium club now and after the pandemic back back in the club's must feel pretty good man It it really does man. And you know you've done some taken away from you. Count your blessings. I'm glad to be some of them are limited capacity now but You for year. We had relatively rough man. Yeah no doubt no doubt about it while it's great to have you on if you're ever in san francisco we'd love to have you in studio man We've been speaking with john currie. Dc curry himself to helium. Comedy dot com to Get the tickets. If you're up there in ontario crossover the rainbow bridge down there and do buffalo don. Thanks for being on the show amp. Rasheed gladman are.

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